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  1. What a crazy comparison, playing vanilla then the mod.

    My only concern is that there's a lot of crashing. It seems after every mission I crash to desktop.

    Also - cannot play any campaigns due to crash upon selecting the campaign.

    That is odd, I very rarely get a CTD, did the install go OK. Is it the GoG install, if so that has the patch already applied, other wise 1.2 is required.

    Where did you install and which os?


  2. Hi,

    I did the update, all seemed to go well but now the game does not run. I do not see the Steel Beasts splash screen and my dongle light is off.

    I also now have two blue icons with question marks rotated 90 left in the system tray. Previously I had 1 green icon there.

    I rebooted the pc.

    I then went to Codemeter and download the manual install... no difference, still not working. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  3. Not when you know how to use the "spawn if", mixed with "djump to this position if" and "embark if" and the random variables.

    You can set up a tank platoon to spawn totally random where and when you want.

    Normally I choose 4 different paths and a equal random chance. So that means that same enemy can take 4 different routes.

    On each route you can then do 4 more routes branching of with a "if" or random condition. suddenly the enemy can show up in 16 different positions. Then add BP and secondary BP etc etc and you have an enemy where you have no clue where it will show of.

    I often get "suprised" by the enemy when trying out my own scenarios, so just get going and make own scenarios ;)

    Hi KingTiger

    Is there any chance of a small YouTube showing us noobs how to do as you have mentioned?

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