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  1. I did have two installs of the codemeter software, I have now removed the old one.

    I have also taken your advice and updated the firmware to 2.02

    I still cannot connect via WebAdmin

    2013-09-20 10:37:33: CodeMeter for Windows (B5.00.1077.504.32.150)

    2013-09-20 10:37:33: Running on Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bit

    2013-09-20 10:37:33: Execution path: C:\Program Files (x86)\CodeMeter\Runtime\bin

    2013-09-20 10:37:33: Found IPv4 address: |

    2013-09-20 10:37:33: Found IPv6 address: ::1 | fe80::4cb3:3f60:b70a:d80a%10

    2013-09-20 10:37:33: Used Communication Mode: IPv6 IPv4 SharedMemory

    2013-09-20 10:37:33: Used IP address:

    2013-09-20 10:37:33: Used IP port: 22350

    2013-09-20 10:37:33: Used CmWAN port: 22351

    2013-09-20 10:37:33: Multicast server search: not available

    2013-09-20 10:37:33: Run as network server: no

    2013-09-20 10:37:33: Run as CmWAN server: no

    2013-09-20 10:37:33: Run as system service: no

    2013-09-20 10:37:33: Box Access: use direct access mode

    2013-09-20 10:37:33: ERROR: The application can't bind to

    2013-09-20 10:37:33: Trying to bind again.

    2013-09-20 10:37:37: ERROR: An invalid network address was specified.

    2013-09-20 10:37:37: Trying BindAddress as fallback.

    Here is my log.


  2. Thank you for the reply Snake, for simplicity sake i shortened the ip address from, and

    The firewall is open for the port as you suggested, I still have the same error.

    I managed to share out my second license some time ago. Have I changed a setting in the webadmin that now prevents access, like the ip address?

  3. I can see the CM stick and open the CodeMeter control center.

    If I try to run WebAdmin I get a page cannot be found error, either in chrome or internet explorer.

    I have noticed that webadmin is trying to connect to the ip address of 1.3, my pc is on 1.60.

    I have changed the address in chrome to reflect 1.60 but still no luck.

    Any ideas?


  4. Excuse the noob question,

    I have just purchased the $40 upgrade to be delivered via email. I received the order confirmation email.

    Does the license come with another email.

    How long after purchase if it comes via email.

    To Answer my own question:

    The Lic arrives on a separate email and mine took about 40 minutes to arrive. I hope this eases other peoples minds :)


  5. 6308561336_2a2acb99d8_z.jpg


    Campaign with historic missions

    Large-scale tactical battles with real tanks, APCs, artillery, infantry and air force

    Huge battlefields with an area of up to 60 km ²

    Dynamic and interactive game world

    Realistic Physics

    Detailed statistics of the battle

    Extensive glossary of the war machine

    Level Editor

    All taken from here http://gamezcheck.de/index.php/news/2607-steel-armor--blaze-of-war-plane-kommandiere-kaempfe.html

    Translated through Google, so please excuse the Googlish :)

  6. Wow! Those are sharp textures you've got there?

    Which mods do you use for the vehicles? Am I wrong, or are those modded grass textures as well? :smilelove-1:

    All standard textures Yskonyn, I am using ENBSeries to achieve the look.

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