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  1. Thank you Toyguy for the youtubes. This would make a great news item for the front page, as the front page has been a little static.
  2. All standard textures Yskonyn, I am using ENBSeries to achieve the look.
  3. From last nights PzU meet... Full screen http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6012/5992777903_afaf23437e_o.jpg
  4. Thank you Kingtiger, I will look out for you at the W&P show.
  5. Hey Kingtiger, I will see you there (w&p), 6 of us are going this year. We went last year and really enjoyed it. We will be there Saturday and thank you for looking into the mission problem we are having.
  6. You are correct Gibsonm, we have the problem of getting the ai over the bridge. Ssnake thank you for the information on the technique of actually crossing the river. When we get them over this will be very helpful. Thank you for the clear information Gibsonm.
  7. Thank you Koen for the excellent advice... We played "Svenska kommer" and all went very well, thought the cv90's would not cross the bridge laid by the mt55 Again many thanks Koen.
  8. We are a group of 5 players in a squad of 10 guys, we as a squad have taken advantage of the additional license program. This has resulted in 2 new purchases from the team and 3 license purchases... We are planning to have another session tonight where we will be lending out 3 more licences to the guys that have yet to try SB pro pe. I know this game is not about the graphics etc.. That said, we would like to make an impression on the new guys to hopefully sway them over to SB. So what map and missions do you guys recommend to give us the best chance of showing SB in all it's glory?
  9. Thank you manteuffel, I enjoyed reading that
  10. Ssnake, I just re-ran the test and yes I do get 15fps with all settings at maximum. I have now turned them down, General to 100 and the others a default. I get 47 - 62 fps now Though for a test we should all use the same settings. What does the Ground setting do? Jeff
  11. Using "Red Flag 1981 - Leo1A5 vs T55" by LtGeorge as a benchmark. (Behind the player is a village with new buildings from the upgrade) http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/267/p13_fileid/1867 I get 15fps doing a 360 in the F8 view. Quad core 2.6 ATI 5770 4 GB ram XP
  12. Same deal, did the codemeter update in Google Chrome and had an error, tried IE and all good. Thank you eSim.
  13. murkz

    Outerra engine

    A couple of new videos.
  14. murkz

    ATI, SB and AA?

    Hi Porphyr Yes I have 8*AA and 16*AF working on a HD 5770, and the last driver released before 10-7_xp32 and I use XP.
  15. murkz

    ATI, SB and AA?

    I use ATI tray tools, with the catalyst control centre uninstalled. http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=733
  16. http://www.primeportal.net/tanks/roger_johansson/strv_122/
  17. I have to say the interior is the best I have ever seen. Even surpassing T34 vs Tiger interiors. Very well done.
  18. http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4136/4884325259_6cffb0c59d_o.jpg
  19. Well I am part of the 50% - 20% group as it has arrived today!
  20. Thank you for the reply Nils, a rethink of you're wording on the sales page needs to be considered. Currently Transit times are typically 5-10 days, but can be longer if held in customs Revised transit times may vary significantly, from under a week to more than six, do not waste your and our time with daily inquiries before the four-week mark. I'm sure this will have no effect on sales.
  21. Thank you for your order! Packages almost always ship within one business day, and shipping is done via US Postal Service (with no tracking number). Thanks again Q, though this puts a dampener on the tracking number.
  22. No luck today, I am getting more than a little concerned now.
  23. 14 days today since my order. Let's hope today is the day.
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