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  1. You are correct Gibsonm, we have the problem of getting the ai over the bridge.

    Ssnake thank you for the information on the technique of actually crossing the river. When we get them over this will be very helpful.

    Thank you for the clear information Gibsonm.

  2. We are a group of 5 players in a squad of 10 guys, we as a squad have taken advantage of the additional license program.

    This has resulted in 2 new purchases from the team and 3 license purchases...

    We are planning to have another session tonight where we will be lending out 3 more licences to the guys that have yet to try SB pro pe. I know this game is not about the graphics etc..

    That said, we would like to make an impression on the new guys to hopefully sway them over to SB.

    So what map and missions do you guys recommend to give us the best chance of showing SB in all it's glory?

  3. Ssnake, I just re-ran the test and yes I do get 15fps with all settings at maximum.

    I have now turned them down, General to 100 and the others a default.

    I get 47 - 62 fps now :)

    Though for a test we should all use the same settings.

    What does the Ground setting do?


  4. transit times may vary significantly, from under a week to more than six

    Thank you for the reply Nils, a rethink of you're wording on the sales page needs to be considered.


    Transit times are typically 5-10 days, but can be longer if held in customs


    transit times may vary significantly, from under a week to more than six, do not waste your and our time with daily inquiries before the four-week mark.

    I'm sure this will have no effect on sales.

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