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  1. No tracking number is given Q, let's hope today is the day
  2. Unfortunately no delivery of Steel Beasts PE today.
  3. I know Eastnor and it's castle, that is the other side of the county from me. I am right on the Welsh border.
  4. That was a good idea Q, just rang and no they do not have it.
  5. One of my friends, who ordered a day after me got his. 9 days for me and still waiting. Hopefully tomorrow.
  6. 8 days so far, I'm like a kid a Christmas all 3 of us are. Thank you for the greetings Crusty
  7. Hi all, A few of us (3) have ordered from esimgames in the USA on the 27/7/10. I'm curious how long it took for you to receive you're sim in the UK?
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