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  1. What I think Retro means, is that if there are many targets in your sight view, the TC's override is not accurate enough to pinpoint separate targets that are close to each other. Oh and to nitpick, he doesn't have control of the gun, but the turret.
  2. OddBall

    T72 laser returns

    Ok, I haven't seen it in regular scenarios and was thinking it was just a tank range specific problem. Gonna have to try and put my finger on it.
  3. OddBall

    T72 laser returns

    I see it sometimes on the tank range, but that's it. Can you provide a test scenario?
  4. I had this problem at first after I started the game shortly after updating the license. Reboot solved it.
  5. Yes, that is visible on the right side of the lever inside the red square in this picture: http://s55.radikal.ru/i150/1112/3d/290a54eb673b.jpg
  6. Well, what can I say. On T-72M1 it barely moves at all.
  7. Could you be more specific? Gun points in different direction for the gunner than it does for the TC?
  8. OddBall


    What did the trick for me in IE was to temporarily lower the security from "medium-high" to "medium".
  9. You're half right. When the toggle is on the left, it should be in manual mode and automatic on the right. In game it's vice versa. Thanks!
  10. You can push it only like 1cm and pull about 5cm, so it's intentional.
  11. Waiting for Raino to make me a new one. Strangely enough, he's been occupied lately by something else.
  12. It does have a very limited range of movement. Can't remember how much +/- off the top of my head.
  13. Do these instructions help: http://www.ehow.com/how_5047270_fix-internal-error.html ?
  14. Yes, so did we. But there is reliable information from former DDR that it overheats.
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