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  1. well there is no real answer for that, it said, "For Unification" (TC`s side) and "We don`t"(loader`s side), we dont what? :biggrin: I think something was omitted but its fonts is really nice. thanks Dpabrams.
  2. LOL you should be more careful what you said. they don`t accept the joke for their dearest leader. :biggrin:
  3. Forget it. He received the new mail and it worked. thanks.
  4. Yes, he receieved the activation mail and tried to get a licence but nothing was changed. and we found out that the URL for 2.640 is same with the earlier url 2.5XX for him. check that for me, please. Thanks again.
  5. Sorry, :wink: I just meant the upgrade version of license LOL
  6. Hi guys. one of my friend purchased SB and received order confirmation mail but activation one. in my case, activation mail was arrived simultaneously. my friends email is : bluefalcon2@naver.com and if i need to do anything to solve this problem, please let me know thanks in advance.
  7. I think there are few people knowing about Steel Beasts and that's the problem. If who has interested in SB, he(there is no female, right?) can buy and play it properly even if he hasn't good english skils(oh, its me, actually.) So, think it is about PR related things which is too much requiring to eSim because Korea isnt that big market. anyway, Thanks for the offer and the support, I'll welcome whatever choice eSim makes as Companion said.
  8. oh I figure it out with locale setting to english though some file missing(shortcut ....etc.) but think it is working normally for now. anyway Thanks again your help.
  9. Thanks for the assist. I did what you said about copy and paste things, but it failed, nothing changed. is this about some unicode or language thing?
  10. I tried to setup 2.64, but i got this message. : setup was unable to create the directory "C:\ blah blah \loc\Espa?I" error 123 ; wrong file name, directory name or volume label. its a XP 32bit. re download and setup was failed.
  11. It was cool. Thanks for the mission
  12. just have Pro PE version which personally purchased. I can give the coordinates and need some time for soul, so you need to wait for a while :biggrin:
  13. HI:biggrin: one of my colleague in the ROK army armor school is preparing the SB demonstration as a gunnery simulator and wants to make school`s tank range terrain. however, SB proPE stock has only nothern parts of Korea and he needs southern one. so, is there any possible ways getting the specific hgt data? or just use the stock one and make "fictional" range? Thanks in advance
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