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  1. Ok I already have 4.023. I'm looking to get the 4.1 version. Unlimited!!!
  2. Ok since I already have 4.023 and a good flash drive. Which one do I need to buy for a unlimited license of 4.1 and book and maps.
  3. Ok I have an I7(4th Gen) system, EVGA GTX 970 Graphics card, 20 gigs of Ram, windows 10. I get playing in a game everything runs ok for a good while. The problem is I start switching between diff sites. Then I get the black screen of death. I can hear the vehicle still running but the screen is black. I use a 32" Panasonic tv as my monitor. Any ideas what could be wrong. Could it be my graphics card getting too hot, or a drop in fps?
  4. What is (torrent option). opposed to uploading the 5 parts one at a time.
  5. Ok I have a credit card just wanted to use my paypal instead. Thanks
  6. Ok I already have a game stick(dongle) with 3.28 license on it. I'm going to want the Classic unlimited game so I will only pay $40 or what ever they are going to charge this time. I will download that and update the license for my game stick(dongle). Is this the way I read this. I'm not wanting the wkly, monthly, or annual. I'm going to buy the 4.0 unlimited.
  7. So the disconnect is...What is the problem for delayed release. What happen to plan A, B, or C
  8. Hey guys want to let all know sorry about taking a slot/vehicle and not showing. I'm having to use someone elses pc for this post. Had a new graphics card, more ram and new power source installed in my pc and graphics card started acting like a little bitch and started crashing. Getting fixed now so again sorry for the no show. Could not help it.
  9. Ok slow down. I didn't criticize anyone. I said You can't blame the folks that want it now for feeling and saying what they are saying. If they would have said dec release. folks would be saying I can't wait. Some guys are saying give them a chance to fix the bugs for a dec release. Well the bugs have shown up way before now and if they had any remote idea of a chance it might still be messed up jun the time they said should not have been release. They should have given their self time. Now everyone wants it when they were told jun release. You have some saying give them time to fix. Well they should have never give a date. And lets say they can't get the bugs fixed by dec. You will be saying the same then as the folks are saying now.
  10. But the guys that pay for it in open beta are going to get it anyway. Snake has already said those that get it now will get the update for free!
  11. Ok let me say this. I understand eSims has timetable obligations. The thing I see is if is not up to par then don't say anything about it. Just say it is under construction. When you start saying ok we are releasing Jun 2016, and that comes and no game. You can't expect Steel Beast fanatics are not going to be like release what you have. The nature of the Beast(no pun intended). You can't tell us something and expect us not at like a fat boy wanting a piece of cake.
  12. Ok this is how I feel. Even if it is pushed back to a winter release, there will still be bugs that are found. Not every bug is going to show itself. I would say release it and the more eyes the better. When mp's or even single play goes on put up a problem post and report it.
  13. Yea I meant 3.028. Ok thanks!
  14. If I have a dongle for 3.28 can I just use that one with a update to it.
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