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  1. Well it's of a bit use to me because your processor is not much bigger than that of mine, so the processor can't be the issue. You have a lot more ram though......damn! I guess there's no way around having to buy a new "rig"....sumbitch!
  2. I haven't yet bought 4.0 since I doubt whether my computer will be up for it so my first question is what system specifications do you have? I have 4 gb of memory and a 3 mhz pentium processor and a gforce gt220 graphics card. And then another question: you mentioned that you're running it on a linux machine. This is something I have always wanted to do, So, how do you do it? And where did you subsequently get the win 7 version from? I take it you're running it through linux with some kind of emulator?
  3. I'd actually rather see the BTR-82 on the list
  4. okay Given that the Abrams TTP is now part of 4.0 would it be possible to squeeze in the S-tank hehehe
  5. erhm and as to my other questions.....anyone?
  6. Yes and that's all great indeed, but I was thinking more along the lines of a milan launcher on the fuchs for example, I could imagine that to be a nimble little AT vehicle while offering more protection than the m966
  7. 2 questions please: 1) Will the NZLAV be added an interior in this update? 2) Will any of the new remote weapon stations include an autocannon? Actually I have 3, 3 questions.... 3) will any of the pc's/ifv's have the possibility to mount an atgm launcher?
  8. Erhm, have I got this right? Will the new 4.0 be 64 bit only?
  9. I second that! Personally I would like to see more wheeled ATGM carriers like the M1134, the swiss 6x6 piranha, the above shown Milan-equipped Fuchs etc. or simply the ability to mount the various launchers on various PCs as it's already possible with the RMWs
  10. actually I did report it a couple of versions ago, but apparently it slipped through, anyway it's reported now and I'm looking forward to pop multispectral smoke again :clin: hehe
  11. Neither, well more like the first really. I go to the menu, select multispectral smoke, which is available, and in game only normal smoke pops out. This is the case both for the RWS available for the Iveco LMV and for the Lemur. The kongsberg RWS does not pop smoke at alle, neither normal nor multispectral and all of them have both types of smoke available in the ammunition menu. Here comes the funny bit, on the vehicles that have their own smoke launchers, like the piranha IIIC and the bushmaster etc., multispectral is working when not equipped with an RWS. This has been an issue on my installation since 3.11. I'm now running 3.25 and it still is. I have made a complete reinstall where I removed all traces of the past installs and it's still not working....again, on MY installation at least.
  12. I'd really like an interior for the NZLAV, even if only a rudimentary one since it's my preferred IFV in the sim. AND....working multi spectral smoke for the RWS's :luxhello:
  13. Sorry for being such a thickie, but where does one actually put this IA scenario? I've tried to put it in the InstAct folder, but when I then start an instant action scenario, I get the default one would you mind telling in which specific folder to put it and if it is to be opened through the instant action menu?
  14. Ah, and maybe I should add, it never happens with the Kongsberg cal. 50, BUT it happens too on the iveco LMV and it's RWS.
  15. I don't know if this has been reported, but this is an issue that I have come across always in connection with the use of the lemur rws: When in NVG view, in any vehicle equipped with the lemur rws, what is shown in the attached photos always happens. When you turn your head, well, see for yourselves, it all gets messed up. It happens too when playing as an rws operator.
  16. Sorry for the late response..... Well in that case I would like to add that this has been an issue since 2.654. Since then the Piranha IIIC, the Eagle, Bushmaster and Boxer have not been able to pop multispectral smoke when equipped with an RWS. The eagle and the bushmaster could, when equipped with the kongsberg .50 RWS, but I think this had to do with the game using the smoke launchers of the vehicles. Equipped with the lemur no multispectral smoke was available and now with the 3.002 neither kongsberg nor lemur equipped vehicles are able to do so. There you see.....I was just wondering if it's supposed to be like that, hence my question.
  17. Has the ability to fire multispectral smoke from the Kongsberg RWS intentionally been removed? Just asking since it's available in the ammo menu, but doesn't work in the sim.
  18. Aha, okay, thanks for the reply, as usual I have stuck my nose in where no one else has before haha. If it's of any use then I actually got the thing to spawn the mounted infantry, if the prototype is left with the infantry dismounted then a rifle squad or two will spawn only not with the vehicle
  19. While playing around with the fantastic new features of 3.0 I came across the spawn and drain zones and thought they might be very useful for a quick ambush scenario, along a road for example, with heavy military trafic. So I made a spawn zone at the Northern end and a drain zone at the Southern one and added various military and civilian trafic (all vehicles) as prototypes and set them to follow the road enroute to the drain zone. Everything worked perfectly apart from one thing; all vehicles that were supposed to carry infantry/personnel were all empty. Am I doing some thing wrong, when setting up the zones, or am I just trying to "abuse" a feature that is not supposed to be used for this?
  20. wow! I've been monotoring the wrong posts, thanks default! :thumbup:
  21. erhm....call me slow and ignorant if you want, but is the 3.0 actually out? Or only a limited amount of licenses? It seems to me that there is a lot of 3.0 action going on
  22. somebody once suggested making the technical RCL playable from the gunner's station, will this be a feature in 3.0?
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