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  1. I am getting the same error. Have not tried much in the way of trouble shooting yet, other than updating my video drivers , which did not solve the problem. Is there a .ini file I can edit to set my game back to non-fullscreen mode so I can get it to at least open? [12:54:51,585] WARN : ------------------------------- [12:54:51,585] WARN : Steel Beasts Log File v4.023 [12:54:51,585] WARN : Sat Nov 3 12:54:51 201 / 2704 [12:54:51,585] WARN : ------------------------------- [12:54:51,585] WARN : +--+ MEMORY USAGE INFO (SteelBeasts START): [12:54:51,585] WARN : | | Process
  2. Thanks, can you tell me how to take control of the commanders machine gun?
  3. Hello all, I am having a difficult time figuring out the commanders position on the new M-1A2(SEP). Do I view the commanders independent sight only from the interior view, or can I go full screen? I can not figure out how to take command of the sight and rotate it either. Also I how do you access the commanders machine gun, and can you dismount from the vehicle and walk around now? I looked in the wiki for these answers but could not find them.
  4. No its much lighter then that.
  5. I find the menus and text when using the map view, map editor, and drop down menus hard to read. There does not seem to be enough contrast between the letters and the background. Am I the only one that has this problem and is there anyway to adjust this?
  6. Thanks. Is this a bug - when I have close in targets I lase them then adjust the reticule as needed, when I go to fire the shots go right over what I am aiming at. If I lower the sight the rounds keep going right were they were going before at the same height. Its like the gun is not depressing. It happens in both daylight and thermal modes.
  7. I have a visual bug when I switch between tow sight and gun sight the reticules both remain on the sight superimposed over each other. When you zoom out with gun ammo selected the tow reticule also will stay in place of the gun reticule at time. Also the tow reticule seems to be left of center in the gunners position but not the commanders.
  8. Thank you sir, I wondered if that was what that error was, but I assumed that DirectX came with my windows 7 by default. Its working fine now.
  9. I gave the codemeter internet access now when I try to run Steel Beasts I am getting this error d3dx9_31.dll not found. This is very frustrating.
  10. Im not sure what you mean by webmin? When I open the code meter control panel it says no code meter license information available. If I run the code meter Disk Configuration menu it appears to see the stick.
  11. Im sorry if I am a little dense here. I recently restored my pc to factory image. I reinstalled the latest version of Steel Beasts and Code Meter runtime software. When I installed the codemeter software my McAfee Anti Virus told me it wanted to access the internet. I blocked its access to the internet, however when I try to start Steel Beasts it is telling me the Dongle is not installed even thought it is. Did blocking Code meters internet access cause this? On my previous install I dont remember Codemeter causing McAfee to pop up saying it wanted internet access which is one of the reasons I
  12. I think the Centuro is a great addition also. Am I the only one that notices thought that the Centuro seems to have a very rapid rate of fire? It could be all my imagination.
  13. First to the designers of Steel Beasts - this isnt criticism , its just what I think would be cool to see in the game some day. I think you guys have done a great job and im not complaining. After playing some night settings, I would love to be able to call in a mission of parachute flares to illuminate my targets or have them called in on my units by the enemy. I know this is probably a very long shot but a M9 ACE or equivalent vehicle to dig fighting positions as needed. Also on the same note the Panther route clearance vehicle based on the M1 and the Marines Assault Breacher Vehicle also
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