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  1. HD http://tvzvezda.ru/news/ekskluziv/content/201509091222-4z1z.htm Looks great! :gun:
  2. Оh... 152мм and 2A42...? Wow! Too many unclear sensors.
  3. Interesting. Turret without crew. TC, Gunner and driver placed in front (special armored capsule). Munition under the turret separated from crew. We can see TC and driver on video
  4. It is possible, for sure. Same result happened at range more than a 2000 meters (during COOP sessions in previous version 3.011), I did not save reports. I will provide a report if detect it in future.
  5. Thank you for your explanation! It will be fixed in future, I believe. Anyway, eSim team completed a great job, each update makes this sim much better!
  6. Thank you. I'll try to make it. Sorry for posting of bug report in wrong thread.
  7. AI (western tanks) still can find me and fire through buildings((( :mad3::mad3::mad3: Is it possible to fix?
  8. HO-HO-Horror here!!! (yesterday PvP battle "tanks again." 3.011)
  9. Version 1.1


    "GOD OF WAR"<br /> OWN:<br /> T-72M Company<br /> 2 BRDM <br /> 2 MTLB (spotters)<br /> ENEMY:<br /> STRV-122 (up to company)<br /> CV9040 (up to company)<br /> US Marines Bradley (possible)<br /> MISSION:<br /> You must occupy areas (Objs 1 and 2) by own armor.<br /> EXECUTION:<br /> The superiority of the Swedish armored vehicles (armor, fire control systems) will not allow us conduct long range "tank to tank" warfare, that is why spotters on MTLB are key figures in the Mission. Spotters should take the height and support by fire. Possible battle positions are marked on the map. Operation should be completed as quickly as possible (dusk will come in a hour after mission start).<br /> SUPPORT:<br /> "GRAD" MLRS and 152mm Arty division
  10. kotplus

    German crew mod

    Hi all. Can somebody show me the link to download such crew voices? Thank you in advance!
  11. Thank you for replies and videos, very interesting. Anyway, I think human loader speed will fall down some time and it is impossible to keep 6-8 sec rate long time. As for SB - current ratio is 10 sec (T-72) and 6 sec (M1A1), in accordance with my checking. How do you think, is it possible to make improvement of T-72 rate of fire to 8 rounds per minute (in accordance with T-72 manual, as Dejawolf mentioned) and simulation of loader fatigue in future update? Is it a good idea?
  12. Hi gentlemen, do anybody has an ideas, how M1A1 can fire 10 rounds per minute, while T-72 - 6 only??? My uncle was the officer and he took part in invasion in Chechnya as a T-72 tank gunner. He checked SB and said that this is good simulation, but rate of fire is poor. He said that T-72 usual rate of fire is 8 per minute by experienced gunner. He considered also, that it is impossible to reload round by 6 second manually in abrams, even if your tank loader is Schwarzenegger))) So, how do you think, does rate of fire is true in SB? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi again, possible it can be useful for future expansion TC Panorama http://perfectumlab.com/gallery/panorams/tours/military/t80bv/?h=310.55&v=-4.13&f=155.00&l=commander&m=view_fisheye Gunner Panorama http://perfectumlab.com/gallery/panorams/tours/military/t80bv/?h=377.79&v=10.98&f=155.00&l=gunner&m=view_fisheye Driver Panorama http://perfectumlab.com/gallery/panorams/tours/military/t80bv/?h=378.84&v=34.84&f=155.00&l=driver&m=view_fisheye
  14. Hi all! I have just developed multiplayer scenario, so I will be glad to listen your feedback and advices how make it better)) Battle for Vergentown.zip
  15. Ooooohhhyeeaaaa!!! I'll try it today!!! Thanks a lot!!!
  16. Wow, really? :eek2: What key I have to push?
  17. Hi eSim team! I kindly ask you to make a free camera. Thanks!
  18. Thanks, I will reply tomorrow:)
  19. There is my first mod - russian tank crew voices with radio frequency interference made in voice editor. During this job I was consulted by real tank officer and russian tank fans community. Ready for your feedback! http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/256/p13_fileid/2095
  20. Version 1.0


    Dear all, Please try job result - russian tank crew voices with radio frequency interference made in voice editor. During this job I was consulted by real tank officer and russian tank fans community. I place it here due to great job from esim - crewable T-72M1. So, enjoy it! Regards, Dmitriy, Russian Federation. P.S. Zip file
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