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  1. The second screenshot suggests that the M1 detected you and perhaps was tracking you as you went from his left to his right.

    If he had a fire solution (the range didn't change much) then the APFSDS round can quite happily punch through those types of buildings and still cause pretty catastrophic "terminal effects" esp. at what seems a pretty short (under maybe 700m) range.

    If you were quite a distance away and maybe moving through substantial (multi-storey) buildings say in a city then its unlikely the M1 would have acquired you and if it had the rounds probably wouldn't have hit / caused damage.

    It is possible, for sure.

    Same result happened at range more than a 2000 meters (during COOP sessions in previous version 3.011), I did not save reports. I will provide a report if detect it in future.

  2. Firing through buildings won't get "fixed" anytime soon. As a fundamental design choice, computer-controlled units will only fire if they have a line of sight to the target. Firing on a target that the computer can't see when pulling the virtual trigger requires contextual knowledge, that "the target is there" even though it can't be seen, and a reasonable assessment that the chosen ammunition will still do damage to teh target after going through the camouflage, and that going through the camouflage won't create unacceptable collateral damage (which in itself is a big can of worms).

    I'm not saying that you demand the impossible, but it's quite high up the scale.

    Thank you for your explanation!

    It will be fixed in future, I believe. Anyway, eSim team completed a great job, each update makes this sim much better!









  3. This update does not fix everything.

    If you want to help us out, then please post the bug in the Support Forum, and create a test scenario showing it for us. A test scenario is not an actual scenario, but a scenario created with as few vehicles as possible which make it easy to see the behavior, isolate it, and debug it. These things get lost in the general forum. Thanks.

    Thank you.

    I'll try to make it. Sorry for posting of bug report in wrong thread.

  4. Thank you for replies and videos, very interesting. Anyway, I think human loader speed will fall down some time and it is impossible to keep 6-8 sec rate long time. As for SB - current ratio is 10 sec (T-72) and 6 sec (M1A1), in accordance with my checking. How do you think, is it possible to make improvement of T-72 rate of fire to 8 rounds per minute (in accordance with T-72 manual, as Dejawolf mentioned) and simulation of loader fatigue in future update? Is it a good idea?

  5. Hi gentlemen, do anybody has an ideas, how M1A1 can fire 10 rounds per minute, while T-72 - 6 only??? My uncle was the officer and he took part in invasion in Chechnya as a T-72 tank gunner. He checked SB and said that this is good simulation, but rate of fire is poor. He said that T-72 usual rate of fire is 8 per minute by experienced gunner. He considered also, that it is impossible to reload round by 6 second manually in abrams, even if your tank loader is Schwarzenegger))) So, how do you think, does rate of fire is true in SB? Thanks in advance!

  6. Sounds like a great addition. I wonder if you also have a Russian translation of the PStrings.txt. If you are willing to give eSim Games a copyright assignment agreement (to the extent that eSim is allowed to use your work), we could make it an official Russian localization. If we can do it before mid January we can even include it in the new DVDs.

    Contact me under Ssnake (at) eSimGames.com if you are interested.

    Thanks, I will reply tomorrow:)

  7. Admittedly, it's not a video of our own, but still I could imagine that it is of interest for the one or other here.

    , one brand new video from Danish company Systematic about the integration of their battlefield management system with Steel Beasts Pro, the other from the Danish army about their cabin trainer (also with SB Pro as the simulation software).

    Thanks a lot, very interesting!

    Can we see a new videos with T-72M1 in action gameplay?:)

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