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  1. Can't wait for 4.3 surprises! Hope is some east T with that fancy TV inside πŸ‘€
  2. Like the TV at 0:38 🀘 Maybe in next big upgrade version of SB? ☺️
  3. Vikingo

    T72 sound mod

  4. Having fun and a good alternative for Seal Team (1993) -Still that one in an untouchable winner for me-
  5. Warning LOUD sounds 🀘
  6. Same !! Hope the DLC will add some cool Vietcong shouting voices (like in Seal Team) to immerse yourself at jungle hell. Is a fantastic game and was very advanced for those times. I still play it with DOSBox and runs very well (if you want a ready to play version -with no need to install/config nothing- just PM)
  7. Insta buy for me and the first thing I will do is try to remake some missions of Seal Team top PC classic. (Sad that was never remade)
  8. Thanks ryan101 !! Looking fantastic 🀘
  9. hey! Just read this at PDF "At night, the interior lighting for a large number of vehicles could be improved, probably obviating a number of night-related vehicle interior texture mods." (page 13) Those are cockpit lights for night gameplay, right? πŸ‘€ Didn't try 4.259 yet, please is that feature in the build or will be in future versions? That is one of my most wanted/waited features. Sorry english is not my main language and that "could" sure talks about the future 🧐 Thanks for the patch!!
  10. 2077 is a mess. Don't want the same for my beloved Steel Beasts. Take your time, enjoy holidays. πŸŽ…
  11. Hi there! Just to report that some of the images (screen capture) at Leopard_2A5-DK wiki are missing. Tried with Chrome and Edge. Same result. πŸ‘Ύ
  12. ☠️Warning Loud Sound ☠️
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