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  1. Please Gunship 2020 + full B-17 with those classic and nice interactive main screens!
  2. Muchas gracias Volcano! (many thanks) Great news When the patch is up I will test and report back (if problems arise)
  3. Keyboard shortcut to activate the "detail camera" (great feature) without going to the menu , thanks!
  4. You brave man Hoover! maybe we just need a single file from for get the "old" controls scheme back, but which one? (until official fix) Please keep us updated and hope no crashes there!
  5. +1 for that too. Just imagine intercepting and incoming BMP2 AT-5 with your Marder Milan. Such a show for the AAR and save it for posterity
  6. Muchimismas gracias Furia!! Ya mismo intento lo que me recomendaste y luego reporto Gracias por tomarte el tiempo en tan detallada explicación. Finalmente creo que entendí cual era el cambio (thank you so much Furia for such detailed explanation and your support. I will try right now your recommendation. Finally I think I understand.)
  7. Thanks Ssnake! Chair tanker soul returned to body I like the T-72 and the other thanks but Leo2 was my first love with the sim
  8. Mmm. Too much hustle (and the almost obligatory need of a joystick) for a system that was perfect in 4.157 please give the option to use one or the other way.
  9. Still think this is not fine for the ones without a joystick
  10. I will wait for a solution. With my poor English I just don't understand how to fix this from here reading the advices. Will jump to my beloved T-72 for the moment Warsaw pact gain a running tank crew from inside a Leo2
  11. Thanks Jartsev. Yes it seems the problem is when not using a joystick. Maybe an option can be added for select the old system and just press the cursor keys/shift+* but maybe that is a coding hell
  12. Thanks! And if we dont have joyticks? Or just dont want to use one for the sim? Hope the old more straightforward system can be selected like an option
  13. Hola! Just installed 4.159 over 4.157 (Windows 10) and while using the Leopard 2A4/A5 TC position (editor, range, instant action, tutorials...) the cursor up (KH Mode) cursor down (ZU Mode), shift+* (KW Mode) are not working anymore. I have no joystick in use, clicked the default option to try to reset the controls / check control handle on-off / joystick input on-off and restarting the game and Win10 without luck. Also try to change the keyboard language from spanish to english. When I use shift+cursors to order the gunner to scan front/left/right that function works. Read at the release notes something about palm switch/peri ZU for Leo 2 bugs fixed but don't know if something was changed here. Thanks! ps: as always sorry for my bugged english
  14. All downloaded and ready to go! Thanks
  15. I'm here just to say that I that the BMP-2 is included in the sim. Hope full BMP-1 will have his place someday
  16. Vikingo

    M113 M2 MG bug

    Thanks for support DarkAngel
  17. Vikingo

    M113 M2 MG bug

    Hi! Please check the pics: https://imgur.com/a/YMKph4w Machine gun points in the wrong direction and clips thru the cupola Thanks!
  18. Is really nice to can play once again the T-72 Arkanoid mini game So nice effect and is bbaaacckkk!
  19. Working really nice Yskonyn. Now I'm trying the Japo32 one cos is in spanish and is easier for me but really like that you place all commands explained in the list. Great work there. Will switch between the two profiles and have a blast screaming FIRE!!/FUEGO!! at the microphone
  20. Genial el video El_Chacho ! Me subscribi a tu canal. Gracias. Que grande que sos de Argentina. Aguanten los TAMs Quizas algun dia podamos jugar online, aun nunca me anime con este gran simulador (Great Video. Thanks. Subscribed. Glad to see u are from Argentina. Hurra for the TAMs. Maybe someday we can play online. Never dare to try it with this great sim.)
  21. great shoot norrin! please can you share here those HD textures? Looks impressive , thanks
  22. Looking forward to that video El_Chacho! Having a blast with 4.157 but that working/enhanced feature is one of my top wanted ones
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