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  1. No subtitles in this one but some nice interior shoots πŸ‘€
  2. English subtitles available 🧐
  3. Interesting... plus some SB Pro PE footage used on it 🧐
  4. Clicking over it or using the "KP +" the switch jumps to the side πŸ‘» (know it can't be used at day, just capture it at the "daylight cockpit" for showing the little bug)
  5. Yes, I also manually delete them before using the transfer manager to download the updated ones. Please all check the advice at 4.363 RN PDF "You should definitely delete the old versions from your Map Packages directory first," (page 7)
  6. Lots of fixes! Thanks to all involved Me on August 9 : "Please give NVG to the BMP-2 driver. Thanks!" = Fixed bug #11196; BMP-2: NVG option for driver πŸ‘ and thanks also for the sexy night light for T-72B3 cockpit + fixes. Going to try it right now 🀘
  7. Vikingo


    For me, all started with those 🀘 And not forgetting Airborne Ranger, Ace of Aces and Gunship.
  8. Like em all ! Those machine guns 🀘
  9. Looking very nice πŸ‘ Any chance to have the gun mantlet cover also in green? Thanks!
  10. Thanks for confirmation! btw that channel has lots of hot videos, many with optics and thermal sights nice πŸ‘
  11. ☺️ yes, first thing I tried but... thanks to Willykurtz video post we confirmed is totally bolted. No problem! Just go outside with the multi tool and close it πŸ’ͺ that way you ensure no electrical problems with fancy systems, who needs them!
  12. The option to open/close the little armor door of the T-72B3 sight (don't know if it's "bolted" IRL) 🧐
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