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  1. CR 1. Such sexy turret Leo 2A4. Boxy beautiful T-72. esp. the version with ERA
  2. Put me down for a maybe tank. Not sure if I can keep that ir from interfering with tanky business.
  3. I'll join my swedish comrad in a Marder. 24C pls.
  4. Bravo for me pls, 2nd or 3rd . Where ever i'm needed
  5. Damn. Wont be able to join this week. But now that I know of it I can start planing my life around it Hopefully I'll join on the next one.
  6. Duds, just watched the YT video. And this looked awesome! I hope I get time to join in some time.
  7. I'm join in tonight! Put me in blue II pls
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