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  1. Would like this too. I think what we call the map view is actually a station, selecting it abandons the previous crew station to AI and default behaviours occur. So it might be more difficult than it first appears to implement a 'glimpse' view. However, some of the modern MBTs modelled in SB have a functional commanders display that can display a lower res map representation, so maybe? It wouldn't even have to be updated to be useful, a simple snapshot would simulate a glimpse. DBoy
  2. dlad

    4.160 crash

    PC hard locking, as opposed to crashing to the desktop, is more likely to be hardware related in my experience, bios stuff sometimes. DBoy
  3. Nudge works just fine. It is not instantaneous, you need to give it time. If you are impatient and press arrow key again before completion I'm guessing each key press is taken as new command, resets the timer and you will be in wait time again. Be patient, press arrow key once and wait, it works. As above - weapon deployed, F7 view, arrow key, wait. DBoy
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