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  1. Hey DD, there is an Ad Hoc drop in session planned for today around 19:30 GMT if your available. DBoy
  2. Ad Hoc game around 19:30 GMT. All welcome. Good opportunity for new players to get their feet wet in multiplayer without any pressure. Meet in SteelBeasts Teamspeak around 19:30 Zulu/GMT, we can pick people up during the session so feel free to drop in. DBoy
  3. Yep, thanks for organising and hosting these. Some great sessions. Thanks, DBoy
  4. I can't make any of them. This is the one I had said I would be available for https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20191227T2000 now not available. DBoy
  5. Haha no, not that keen. Yes I should have said 19:00Z-24:00Z, I can be flexible a couple of hours either way though. DBoy
  6. I should be available on 27,28,29,30 Dec and 2,3 Jan. 19:00Z-12:00Z. DBoy
  7. Nike, as A5 is fully manned and A4 is currently empty, I will take A4 PLt. DBoy
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