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  1. For most 3D games wide aspect ratios do actually increase the Field of View. You can probably find most of the answers to your questions on the subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/ultrawidemasterrace/ Ultrawide can be impressive for productivity, content creation and gaming, but it is not explicitly supported by a lot of titles and your mileage may vary. Specifically in relation to SB, although there is no explicit ultrawide or 4k support, both Major Duck and I run ultrawide monitors with decent graphics cards (5700XT here) and are happy with the result, but it's all subjective really. DBoy
  2. Yep, SB looks great on my 49 inch 5120x1440 curved screen. There is some fisheye effect, but that applies to all games, not just SB. In certain situations the 32:9 aspect ratio can lead to some vertical cropping of the view, but it is easily remedied by running in windowed mode, you can adjust the aspect ratio and resolution to anything you want. DBoy
  3. D11, I have absolutely no concerns about cruising around with an unarmed tin can in close proximity to MBTs 🙂 Dboy
  4. You will learn more and faster by participating online. The community is welcoming and understanding of new players. You've done the basic tutorials, so join us at an online game and we will get you up to speed quickly. DBoy
  5. Yep, I may just have to wrangle with 4 pretty Ulans all by myself 🙂 DBoy
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