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  1. I should be available on 27,28,29,30 Dec and 2,3 Jan. 19:00Z-12:00Z. DBoy
  2. Nike, as A5 is fully manned and A4 is currently empty, I will take A4 PLt. DBoy
  3. Hi, If you are are looking for other players who may be available at any given time, your best bet is to post in this thread..... DBoy
  4. dlad


    If you can stomach the 1980's MS-DOS graphics and 2019 price tag, the PC game Carriers At War still covers this stuff pretty well. https://www.matrixgames.com/game/carriers-at-war DBoy
  5. Totally anecdotal, but in the few multiplayer games where I've seen T14s, I've often been engaged by MG only. Assuming they have already taken main gun/turret damage, by the time we roll up in our IFVs. DBoy
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