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  1. @Apocalypse 31 You did tell your staff that their troops will park up their vehicles and head home after two hours right? DBoy
  2. Hmm, I spent time training at the Wingate Institute in Netanya. The constant presence of the national Netball team did not help our concentration all that much. Dboy
  3. You can also try posting in this thread ..... to try and rustle up some players for an ad hoc session at short notice. DBoy
  4. Laptop Cooler pads are a thing. Perhaps a combination of one of those and reducing the SB graphics settings might just do it. DBoy
  5. From before my time, but welcome back. Look forward to meeting you in multiplayer. DBoy
  6. The system requirements are detailed on the website and that system looks like it meets the minimum requirements, so it will run. The graphics element of that PC is a bit on weak side, so turning down some of the visual effects will probably be required. One of the best things about SB ProPE, is that you have the option to buy a time limited license for as little as 9.5 USD for one month. That's not a lot of coin to find out definitively if it will run to your dad's satisfaction, as these things are somewhat subjective. The online community has many vets and serving personnel, so if your dad has a headset and mike he will be very welcome to join multiplayer games. It's where SB Pro really shines and the fastest way to learn. DBoy
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