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  1. D11, I have absolutely no concerns about cruising around with an unarmed tin can in close proximity to MBTs 🙂 Dboy
  2. You will learn more and faster by participating online. The community is welcoming and understanding of new players. You've done the basic tutorials, so join us at an online game and we will get you up to speed quickly. DBoy
  3. Yep, I may just have to wrangle with 4 pretty Ulans all by myself 🙂 DBoy
  4. Its OK, I thought we were near the end and didn't want to bother with a rejoin... turns out I was wrong :-)
  5. What impressed me most today was how everyone accepted the no map revelation and just got on with it and generally having a great time as a result. I can imagine in other MP games people whining and rage quitting. Well done everyone, that was a great experience. DBoy
  6. Put me in rifles 2, prefer not to do plt lead this week, having various computer and comms issues and expecting trouble. DBoy
  7. Wow, every TC seat taken by Tue PM! Put me as a gunner/reserve in B2 or anywhere else that makes sense. DBoy
  8. Nike, I'm up for euro-tonight. All are welcome, usually starting between 19:00-20:00 GMT, meet on SB Teamspeak. Don't worry about being on time just drop by, pause and rejoins are the norm for ad-hoc. DBoy
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