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  1. Nike, I'm up for euro-tonight. All are welcome, usually starting between 19:00-20:00 GMT, meet on SB Teamspeak. Don't worry about being on time just drop by, pause and rejoins are the norm for ad-hoc. DBoy
  2. I'll take a marder in Alpha platoon. DBoy
  3. Unless you plan to host multiplayer sessions, bandwidth is rarely an issue these days, yours is fine for participating in multiplayer sessions. More important is the round trip time between you and the session host, you can see that from within steelbeasts, the assembly area is an easy way to compare your ping time with other clients in the session. The consistency and reliability of your connection is arguably the best indicator and unfortunately a little harder to determine, not least because it tends to vary over time. DBoy
  4. dlad

    Game disk

    If you have bought a license for the current version, you need to download the installation files from here - https://www.esimgames.com/?page_id=1607 and follow the installation instructions. DBoy
  5. If you already have the map packages from 4.161, just uninstall 4.161, the map packages will remain in situ, download 4.162 and install. DBoy
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