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  1. I'll be there, probably nearer 19:00 (UTC) though. DBoy
  2. Three in SB Teamspeak now, join us for an Ad Hoc game. DBoy
  3. So, like Chris, the 28th onward is good for me. 19:00 GMT (+/- 1hr?) is probably the best window to gather Conus, Eu and Au guys, but I can do earlier or later. In terms of clashes, there are no extra-curricular festive Kanium SB sessions planned. DBoy
  4. I'm definitely up for this. I can't give dates just yet, but will update as soon as I know what my other commitments are. DBoy
  5. Oh... It is suspected they have been assigned extra ATGM teams, as well as a considerable amount of artillery. and Nike is OpFor... DBoy
  6. 19:00 UTC/GMT, about an hour from this post. DBoy
  7. Won't make AdHoc Friday this week, Thursday is OK though and I'll be there for Sunday. DBoy
  8. I'll be there, put me wherever needed. DBoy
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