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  1. Nice to see more detailed info about damage and casualties in AAR. Now it just "Heavy damage" or "Crew casualty".
  2. Even just that will be great for me. I'd like to see any modern self-propelled or towed artillery system in SB. There are lot of interesting things to do with that. Position preparation, receive coordinates, fire solution, fire, relocation.
  3. I'd like to recommend this awesome YT channel, where you can watch a lot of Russian and Ukrainian tanks in real life action. Most of Russian tanks was captured by Ukrainian army and still classified, so it really unique content. Unfortunately there's no English subtitles, but it's better to see once then hear a lot. If I violated any forum rules, so I sorry and this topic could be delete. Link: https://youtube.com/channel/UC0ZyGHYpxTJNXv1_hBTJzDw
  4. Thanks. This is a main problem for me. I just trying create SP scenario with UN forces and any Western Army on the one side (under my command), and rebels as an enemy. But due to SP limitations it impossible. 😟
  5. I am trying to create SP scenario with three side. Two of them me and my ally and one is hostile. Problem is I can't take under control or command any allied units despite owner set as "player". Is it any way to make it? Thanks.
  6. IRL you can't control it from inside tank. Just look at it from 3:09.
  7. It seems frontpage pic needs some correction😒
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