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    New 2.546 patch?

    Hi folks. I saw this info listed for the 2.546 patch... Published: October 3, 2010 Updated: January 17, 2011 What does "Updated" mean? Is this actually a newer version of the patch that was released in Oct? Thanks. JD
  2. Wow. What a relief it was finding this thread! I installed the game, launched the first interactive tutorial, and proceeded to get my adz shot off within 30 seconds. Like 10 times in a row. I started to wonder whether I might be doing something wrong. So anyway.... I took a couple of updates, got a good night's sleep, and I'm feeling much better now, thank you. A couple of questions though... and I may have figured out the answers myself, but let me throw it out there anyway. When the TC calls for the change from Sabot to HEAT, the loader will not unload the Sabot round already in the tube, right? So I'm supposed to shoot whatever is loaded whether it's appropriate for the target or not? Also, when I do get a HEAT round loaded, if I just play dumb and keep shooting they all fall short of the target. Lazing has no effect on this. I kind of figured it was because the computer was not automatically compensating for the difference in ballistics between Sabot and HEAT. So I started fiddling with the INS/DEL/HOME/END keys, which change the Ammo type according to the key chart on the back of the manual, and all of a sudden I'm hitting the target. I had to guess though because nowhere did I see any positive indication that Ammo Type 1 = Sabot, Ammo Type 2 = HEAT, etc. So two questions... Where is this displayed? Is this supposed to be a manual input? (if so it should probably be mentioned in the tutorial notes along with the proper key assignments) Thanks. JD
  3. Well thanks all. This is exactly the info I was looking for.... and the answers I was hoping to get. Order placed. JD
  4. Thanks for the info. I appreciate the fact that SBPro is sim first - game second, and I do make allowance for that. I am wondering how much replayability there is for someone who doesn't do multiplayer however. I've heard the term "scripted" used to describe the way scenario AI is built. Does that mean there are no random elements? I also wanted to ask about controls. Can this game be played effectively and comfortably using a mouse and keyboard? If not, what do the veterans use/recommend? Thanks again. JD
  5. Hello, Just signed up and making my first post. Being a former M1TP (1 and 2) player/fan, I am very interested in SBPro. The price doesn't bother me per se, however, I am less inclined to "risk" a purchase at that price point and just hope that it will have all the little features that I feel make for a good game (er... sim). So I figured I'd post a question or two... Most of what I would want to know I've gleaned from reading this forum and various reviews posted on the web. But the one thing that I've not seen mentioned... a thing that I believe is an integral part of any entertainment level sim (eg, FSX, Falcon 4, the Janes sims, Harpoon ANW are all "entertainment" level sims), is a decent campaign system. Optimally this would be a dynamic system that creates missions on the fly, tracks results from mission to mission, allows one to manage resources/logistics, and all those wonderful things the "good" sim makers used to build into their games. Realistically, given the nature of this sim, and the stated goals of the developer, I'd probably settle for strings of related missions and be quite happy about it. Oh, I should mention that I'm strictly single player. Any info or advice would be appreciated. JD
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