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  1. o.k., clear. So the road is an overlay to the underlying terrain. I will blow up some more roads now after having adjusted the terrrain and look how the vehicles will crawl out...
  2. just returned I vided all replies on that topic. So the solution is static = the map editor needs to be adapted to the wished slippery effects to deny the vehicles to pass cross the crater. Good to see that 12.5 x 12.5m is the mininum tile size which is more or less the diameter of the iintended crater. A technical question though; Before the "SPRENGSCHACHT" detonates does it mean that the intact road is to have the reduced traction value?! I do not think that the traction effects could be changed based on some changed condition, or?! So retreating or other units passing this area will be impacted by the lower values = the road is ias soft as melting ice in the sun ?!
  3. thanks Grenny, I tried this before but the craters' edges allowed the vehiclles to get out "quite" easily altough the crater as such had been impressive. I have not found a configuration yet which comes close to the crater of a Sprengschacht ūüí£ Any findings are much welcome but I fear that the angles of the edges may determine the vehicles' "successes"?! The basic calculation had been Bei normalem Sandboden war hier auch die Faustformel zur Berechnung recht simpel: Die Schachttiefe entspricht in etwa dem Radius des zu erwartenden Sprengtrichters. Ein sechs Meter tiefer Schacht w√ľrde bei einer Ausl√∂sung also einen Krater mit rund 12 Metern Durchmesser und mindestens sechs Meter Tiefe verursachen. Diese Sprengtrichter w√§ren im Kriegsfall noch zus√§tzlich vermint worden, um die Beseitigung und √úberwindung des Hindernisses zu erschweren.. = The depth of the chambers determines the radius of the crater. Often they had been six meters deep = a crater with 12m diameter and 6m depth !!! wud have been the result of the detonation. The links even contain the basic rules how to receive the wanted results. The max. depth had been 7.80m. Beyond that the result wud not justify the use of the neeced TNT quantity. I will be off for the next days so I cud not reply immediately...
  4. Hello, I much appreciate to see that the possibilities to place IEDS in mission have been extended in version 4.1 widely... Using the right explosives the created craters are really impressive but ... ... (yes, users have a "but" many times even if new versions are a big progress/success)) stilll tracked vehicles can pass through them even when using multiple devices of high explosive mass. For cold war scenarios it may be a highlight to stimulate the power of those so called "Sprengschlächte" placed on West German roads to slow down/block the advance of WP-units. Unfortunately I only found German sites showing/explaining their use/effects: http://www.sperranlagen.de/sprengschaechte.htm this site holds even a database with the locations of many http://www.sperranlagen.de/Database/ https://www.geschichtsspuren.de/artikel/verkehrsgeschichte/135-sperren-wallmeister.html Seeing the dimensions of the craters I wud believe that simulating such wud make their (non-)breaching them even more realistic. So if time/money/capacity of Esimgames allows I wud be very pleased to see them in one of the future SB Pro PE versions. Nice evening
  5. Hi, some links to the two parts of a British training movie on the demolition guard (Sprengsicherungskommado in German) on this, adapted for use in the Bundeswehr which may gives you, as the scenario designer, some dramaturgic ideas :@!2: www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYKf8fjbu8g www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPBF6yMIYQU Brgds
  6. many thanks to all for checking...:luxhello:
  7. many thanks for all... I hope Eisen may read my questions and as the god of Leo 1 could advise me which round would represent the DM33 105mm best... Eisen, are you around? :yltype: Hermes
  8. Hello, I have a question for the ammunition experts. Is the above Danish the same as the Israeli M413 (German DM33) for the Leopard 1 or at least comparable in its performance. Many thanks
  9. Hi Skybird03, 11th GT-Division had T-80s at the end of the cold war-era accdg to my sources... an article under http://www.panzerregiment4.de/wordpress/?p=135 NVA had T-72 or T-55. NATO expected the 11th division in CENTAG-area following 8th shock army as part of 1th guards tank army. So the 7th would rather face 3rd shock army, please vide: http://theminiaturespage.com/boards/msg.mv?id=324801 For the equipment of 7th Panzer Division I do recommend the fllwg links http://bw-duelmen.de/bw-im-muensterland/7-panzerdivision/ http://www.microarmormayhem.com/BW_OOB.pdf www.panzer-modell.de --> Under "Referenzen" you can see when the tank bataillons had received which M48 or Leo. Nice day
  10. and to see which unit was stationed where and whether it had Leo 1 or 2 and Marder or M 113 I introduce the following, maybe known link: http://www.microarmormayhem.com/BW_OOB.pdf You may need some twenty german words to be translated to work with it...
  11. Dear all, I believe the following which Falli provided could help a lot: http://www.steelbeasts.org/forumdisplay.php?103-Heeresstruktur-4 No need for excessive use of a German dictionary :clin: Hermes
  12. Hi DarkAngel, I am still around but more digesting the posts than actively participating. great job mate, Erazor will be as excited as I am :luxhello: . The map will surely enlighten the upcoming evenings in the dark seasons. :bigsmile: many, many thanks again, Hermes
  13. sure, during the cold war it had been expected that Hamburg would have been treated as open city and not defended. So definitely the right choice to leave thousands of buildings out for the sake for performance and less gardening
  14. brilliant, the selected area is really as wished. I can even see the eastern outskirts of Hamburg, so one can send enforcements by public transport :luxhello:
  15. @DarkAngel: This sounds grant to me. :cool: Any time is o.k. especially as the new vehicles will come with 3.0 only anyway... Many thanks again
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