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  1. S! All, Since we here in New Zealand are the first country to see in the new Year I would just like to say Happy New Year to you all, and may 2014 bring joy and peace to you and your families O_Smiladon Steve
  2. Thanks for last night Gibsonm, I had a great time and i am learning heaps Cheers Look forward to next week O_Smiladon
  3. I have mapped the toggle lase first/last return to a key and using the first/last return but still no luck? But I think there is still more to it that i am not doing, not just as easy as first return, lase, fire miss. Then last return, lase, fire :confused: Cheers O_Smiladon
  4. I think this is the key .. to understand when to use the different modes in the lase
  5. Thanks guys, Will have a look tonight. and post up my results Cheers O_Smiladon
  6. O_Smiladon

    Laze help

    S! Guys, Need a bit of help.. In my M1A1 and M1A2 tanks I am having a bother lazing to target. My first laze is normally fine and I hit target mo worries. But after 3 or 4 different targets the laze seems not read true for me? Like in the M1A1 I laze and target is 3026 away bang target Next contact around the same distance laze and only get 1726 away from target, boom to short?? I thought it might just be me not hitting the target properly so I tried it in the M1A2 with the full on zoom I got the same result, first laze on target 3260 away boom target.. Then next target was a little more dist
  7. S! To All Past, Present and Future military personal Lest We Forget O_Smiladon
  8. Ha ha no worries, Yeah I found out after...But mine does have a little bit more detail.. The little black Kiwi , the Rego , Batt color on the ft of the APC I just like to put the little stuff like that on my skins :@!2:
  9. S! just an FYI I went from 6 gig ram to 16 gig and still getting the freezes Cheers O_Smiladon
  10. LOL . I use TiR in my flight sims and love it but at frist you did get the feeling of OMG is that sick coming up?:bigsmile: O_Smiladon
  11. Thanks Guys, Had a really good time last night. Looking forward to doing it all again next week. Steve
  12. They dont look to happy to go out and die for the glorious leader, but they do look good
  13. Hi Eric, I to cant wait to play Capital ships to. I am in talks at the moment with another group of people who are doing the same thing ( WW2 Battleship simulator ) It looks like Capital Ships will merge with them. I will know more in a month or two of what happening on that front. So to cut a long story Capital ships is waiting on the out come of the out come of theses talks. But thats a topic on another forum on another web site O_Smiladon
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