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  1. Wind correction not working on CV90-35 DK-NL

    will investigate, thanks.
  2. Suspected Bug - L30 gun HESH drift direction [Fixed]

    That is a feature.
  3. SB 4.023 - Glowing lilies and weather at AAR events

    will investigate. Thanks
  4. SB 4.023 - MP Leo AS1 periscope bug

    Thanks... will try.
  5. SB 4.023 - MP Leo AS1 periscope bug

    I can't duplicate this in either 4.023 or Beta versions.
  6. SB 4.023 - MP Leo AS1 periscope bug

    OK.. will investigate... Thanks
  7. Scimitar Gunner

    Already Known. Thanks though
  8. SB Pro PE AAR: Repaired by Instructor Event

    Ahhh that will be a Volcano edit of this map I would guess then.
  9. Telstra Port Forwarding

    I know the official Gab but recently I was helping someone and it did not work until the 47624 port was opened
  10. Telstra Port Forwarding

    it should be a range of 2300-2400 You also need the 47624 for connection
  11. Telstra Port Forwarding

    TS would be much easier
  12. Telstra Port Forwarding

    did you double check your local IP address?
  13. Telstra Port Forwarding

    are you sure this is port forwarding not Port triggering?
  14. Telstra Port Forwarding

    well it certainly won't work supplying an external IP