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  1. https://www.naturalreaders.com/online/ something like that could be an option. Record it and add effects
  2. From my understanding it is wrong to call it Urban Camouflage. It is closer in concept to "Razzle Dazzle" designed to make the soviets unable to get accurate range.
  3. I don't think SB would work well with such a dense urban area tbh, It would also be a massive amount of work to make it both look good and perform well.
  4. Hopefully I am not treading on Nil's toes or exposing secrets he is keeping for later... If so sorry. This is a great feature in the mission editor and will stop a lot of confusion
  5. It's a case of clicking one of 2 buttons and waiting for the result. The main thing most people will need to do is update their themes. Because bumpiness was not previously rendered people used a higher level of bumpiness than works with the new engine.
  6. I made a map of the Suwalki gap area. It has roads, terrain and a decent number of buildings. Basically needs the finishing "polish".
  7. You can also create preset groups and give them group routes
  8. That last one has been in bugzilla since the dinosaurs were wiped out!!
  9. Maybe they are called something else there. Here a debit card is simply a credit card with no credit. You can only spend your own money. They are backed bty VISA and Mastercard so they have all the spending and security power but with no overdraft facility. Mine costs me nothing.
  10. Just copy the one from the program files menu to the desktop!
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