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  1. Sorry I may have misread the question. This is not done inside the SB map editor but inside my own SB map editor which i wrote.
  2. Yes, I've played around with this.
  3. Sure you are using the right key?. Works fine for me in 4.163 and current test versions.
  4. as long as you aren't in a rush.
  5. it was probably V1 SRTM data that it was built from
  6. it may be but it could have gotten confused from the notes because of the German , and . swap
  7. Are you in the right sight... You have to be in the periscope sight.
  8. DarkAngel

    Button Boxes

    Maybe that was the issue that i remember reading about, that they only support low res encoders
  9. DarkAngel

    Button Boxes

    Leo Bodnar boards would be good if Esim supported them as they have the ability to handle Rotary encoders for traverse wheels. From what I've read the U-Hid claims to do rotary encoders but don't implement them well.
  10. DarkAngel

    Button Boxes

    Plus using a U-hid you can have up to 32 buttons
  11. DarkAngel

    Button Boxes

    For that price you could build several. Start with a Leo bodnar or U-Hid board and an RS or Wiltronics catalogue Nothing in that box there is worth US$230
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