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  1. it has to be \actors\textures\woodland not \actors\texture\woodland as you have there. Refer to the bekibekibekistan map as it uses custom textures.
  2. As Gibbo says if you jump in and tell people you are a noob you will get taken under someones wing.
  3. Try putting them in the Base map (not Delta) \actors\textures\woodland
  4. Wouldn't it need some inherent behaviour associated though?. otherwise you will end up having to make routes for every grid ^ every other grid?.
  5. You do know there are nations, camouflage and vehicle textures (that someone did!!) for East Germany, Czechoslovakia , China (1970s and modern), USSR, Russia(Contemporary) and Ukraine?
  6. Sorted. Can be marked as resolved.
  7. A better question:- what is used to make the .opc file?
  8. Yes, Thanks Rotar that is what I was trying to say.
  9. In 4.1 the nation list lists the full name of the nation.
  10. Are you using the latest version (V19)?.
  11. Did you use the Chinese 1970 or is that a mod?
  12. NOTE:- For people in Aus who have the stupid daylight savings TGIF is now an hour later!!!
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