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  1. "Badges... We don't need no stinking badges"
  2. I made the PLA textures in game. What is it that is missing?.
  3. Joystick or some axis is not centered.
  4. I don't get it. Why not just use the same logic for the event as you use to detonate the IED?.
  5. I t might be nice also to aggregate PC carried infantry kills into the PC kill if it died with it's infantry on board.
  6. Think it may be interesting to narrow things down further. So for example with Kills on tanks he may be interesting to see this broken down further into "what" caused the kill ie Infantry (rpg), Infantry ATGM, Tank, APC etc Also you may want to check the totals... I'm not convinced there were 158 kills in that mission (I could be wrong). Are you sure you aren't getting hits on things which are already dead?.
  7. Played this scenario (a lot), we often play them during testing. There are a couple of really good positions. First is there is a small hill near the ( bracket of Matzmed (North) text . There is another one near your waypoint 20 but on the road in a hull down position.
  8. Your best bet with a map is to start with a generic theme of the type of map you want ( Woodland, desert, tropical, arid etc). Then to tailor the theme to how you want the base map to look. Then if you want things like "Winter", "Autumn", "Summer" etc themes for it create those based on the base theme and upload the themes with the map.
  9. Fair enough but this seems a bad solution. It would be better to make an any season map and then apply themes to it at the mission end.
  10. No farmland, meadows, orchards, industrial areas, commercial areas. There are a lot less buildings than the OSM data has. Not many streams or ditches. No water bodies.
  11. Pretty incomplete data in that zip. Did you try looking at the OSM data available?.
  12. I've not played with importing through SB with buildings as polygons. When I've previously done it it was only point data which was accepted. My own system takes the building polygons and seeks to match the size and aspect ratio of the polygons to a list of building types.
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