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  1. IRT the loading position and the references to the M40 RCL. The M40 came up in a conversation (about something else) with the programmers. I took it upon myself to remake the model so that it could be made crewable. I did it as a secret project (even from other team members) and Esim were happy to accept it (thanks Nils and Co). The situations where it could be used in game (M113 and Technical ) all relied on the gunner also being the loader. I set the model up so that the loading sequence could be animated and controlled by the user. When it came time to import the model both Ed (V) and Lukas liked the idea and, I am grateful to say, implemented what i'd done. So basically it was all un-official until it was accepted. For this one item I like the idea of manual loading, it makes it feel more tactile and with some practice you can reload it faster than the AI can. Not by much, but milliseconds count when you are trying to kill a tank with a light unit.
  2. Congratulations you do appear to have found some bugs. There was however an issue in your test scenario with the trees. They seem reluctant to fire anywhere near the trees around the targets. When I moved the scenario to a flat open map things went smoother. Also I'm not sure they like that close of range. When I moved the targets further out on the flat map they seemed less reluctant still to fire. Also the Jaguars are on a stay tactic. They did better on a hold tactic. The bugs I did find from this though are:- In a platoon they are more reluctant to fire than individually. As a platoon only one vehicle is firing. Even as individuals not every vehicle is firing.
  3. I also wonder how this would look if the Ukrainians were facing a technologically modern force. How much less effective would the ATGMs be if facing an army with widespread use of Thermal imager equipped drones able to spot, identify and engage ATGM positions before your tanks ever got in range.
  4. I think this is a well balanced and accurate assessment (from a purely civilian enthusiast perspective). IMHO what we are mainly seeing here is the "aimed for the lowest common denominator" factor. That is that modern ATGMs have become so easy to use that anyone with a room temperature IQ can be trained to use them. This is not meant as any sort of insult to anyone. It is a factor which has also been seen in tanks too. In WW2 to end up serving on a Tiger tank you had to be experienced, have a skill in something automotive related. A modern MBT is designed that you can take some uneducated person and make them proficient in a tank quickly. Again no insults intended. The same is true for early ATGMs. If you read about the Egyptian effectiveness with Malyutka in the 1973 war you will also read the number of test fires that were required to become proficient with them. The other thing here is that this is not a new phenomenon in warfare. A similar analogy can be made about the move from Bows to crossbows in the medieval period. Mythbusters once did a segment which really annoyed me. They took an expert archer and an expert crossbowman and through a series of tests declared that the crossbow had no advantage over the longbow. In my opinion to really understand the benefit of the crossbow you should start with 2 people who have never fired either and run your tests. The big deal is that on the medieval battlefield it took years to become a fully trained longbowman. Where the real advantage of the crossbow is that it can be put in the hands of a novice and become dangerous very quickly (Ask Richard the Lionheart ). This factor greatly increased the chances of Joe Average inflicting casualties upon armoured Cavalry who were the tanks of the day.
  5. So I did some calculations based on the 3d model for the in game ural 4320 supply:- The listed carrying capacity for the Ural 4320 is 5000kg. In the cargo area of the truck I was able to fit a box with dimensions 1.5m x 1.01m x 0.57m giving a total volume of 0.86355 m3 (cubic meters). One of my bugbears is these trucks being able to reload an Apache helicopter with Hellfires (as was mentioned in a previous post). The hellfire has a Box dimension of 1.62m x 0.23m x 0.23m (assuming you would have them in some sort of container not just thrown in haphazardly). for a total Volume of 0.085698 m3. The mass though is only 49kg (lets say 50kg including packaging). Volume wise this gives a total (even though the length is greater than the Ural's carrying capacity Shhhh ) of 10 hellfires yet the mass is only 500kg. This makes me sure you would have to consider mass and volume for stored rounds otherwise the ural would be able to carry 100 hellfires( @50kg each ) at a volume of 8.5698m3 or 9.9x the volume the truck could handle. Now sure you could get anal retentive and say "meh the ural couldn't carry the missile because it's too big". Regardless of this having a capacity for only 10 Hellfires and NOTHING ELSE would seem a decent enough abstraction to limit the resupply capability.
  6. It strikes me that limiting ammo in supply Vehicles could be done without having to resort to the whole ammo list. As Zero suggested there are obvious categories such as Tank Main gun, Auto Canon, ATGM, Small arms etc. Limiting the amount could be done based on mass and volume of a truck's carrying capacity and Mass / volume of Ammo. This could then have interpretations similar to the abstractions for digging battle positions where you have Very fast, fast and realistic. So in the mission editor you could have similar things for supply like 2x capacity, 1.5x capacity and Realistic capacity. This could be said to be allowing for a truck to represent 2 trucks or 3 trucks etc.
  7. DarkAngel

    Ukranian T72B

    I didn't say or mean to imply there was an issue with a mod. I just wondered what the issue was with the ones we included. If you aren't running the version with them in then it makes sense.
  8. DarkAngel

    Ukranian T72B

    Right but we have textures for Ukrainian T-72s in the installer.
  9. DarkAngel

    Ukranian T72B

    I don't get it.. What is wrong with the Ukrainian T-72 in game?
  10. If you manually delete a map you have to use the "refresh Maps" to remove it from the database.
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