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  1. Your best bet with a map is to start with a generic theme of the type of map you want ( Woodland, desert, tropical, arid etc). Then to tailor the theme to how you want the base map to look. Then if you want things like "Winter", "Autumn", "Summer" etc themes for it create those based on the base theme and upload the themes with the map.
  2. Fair enough but this seems a bad solution. It would be better to make an any season map and then apply themes to it at the mission end.
  3. No farmland, meadows, orchards, industrial areas, commercial areas. There are a lot less buildings than the OSM data has. Not many streams or ditches. No water bodies.
  4. Pretty incomplete data in that zip. Did you try looking at the OSM data available?.
  5. I've not played with importing through SB with buildings as polygons. When I've previously done it it was only point data which was accepted. My own system takes the building polygons and seeks to match the size and aspect ratio of the polygons to a list of building types.
  6. Correct. I can do this 12Alfa can't
  7. ok... but 12Alfa can't import the building areas as buildings and I can't do it in 4.x maps.
  8. I can probably do some of it for you. As long as you are not in a rush. You would have to group the buildings shape files into categories of SB buildings with maybe some indications of what actual buildings to use. The only bit i couldn't do is import the Lidar data, my internet is terrible and I couldn't deal with downloading and uploading 20gb of data. If I made a base map at 12m resolution maybe DK could import the LIDAR data for you as he has a fast internet connection.
  9. Kiwi's don't need tanks... they have Maoris
  10. I thought there was a difference between canister and Beehive. Beehive explodes at a set distance.
  11. Don't forget that TGIF is an hour earlier if you are in EU or Australia!!
  12. I wouldn't trust an auto join system in any of the GIS programs i've used. Maybe what you are using is better that what i've tried, all of those use a first pass connect system which does a woefully inadequate job of joining lines for roads. Terrain from landsat is ok if you like pixelated edges to everything, not worth bothering with in my estimation which is why I made my own system for doing it. So the only thing you are going to save time on is the bocage and you would want to hope your GIS software has a good join and simplify routine if you want the game to run with that data imported. T
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