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  1. What view is it where you are getting the spotlight effect?. It appears to be a lighting issue with the vision block based on your video but I can't replicate it.
  2. The mortars aren't impotent?. I'm sure this won't be an issue with the new version.
  3. Reminder for those not in the northern hemisphere... the US clocks changed last week so TGIF will be an HOUR earlier.
  4. Iarmor is there any chance you could conglomerate all this wonderful data into a document / pdf?
  5. Stormrider, A good source for vector data is the Open Street map database. This i a free, open source dataset which can be accessed through several extraction sites. My favourite is BBBike :- https://extract.bbbike.org The data needs some preparation and separation but tends to be quite useful. What you do have to watch out for is that roads are separated into sections between junctions. This is not ideal as it can play havoc with SB's road following routine. I wrote my own importer which automatically joins this data together to make contiguous roads. This is helped by separating the data into road types before importing. This can be done quite easily in Global Mapper.
  6. There is a potential for the other team to see the planning and map graphics. This would not be good
  7. The templates are available. OK that doesn't do the 2 .30 cals but troops out of hatch will simulate that.
  8. you would probably do better taking the smoother 90m SRTM data and adding noise to it or adding more detail to it from other data
  9. I can't duplicate this in either 4.023 or Beta versions.
  10. OK.. will investigate... Thanks
  11. DarkAngel

    Scimitar Gunner

    Already Known. Thanks though
  12. Ahhh that will be a Volcano edit of this map I would guess then.
  13. I know the official Gab but recently I was helping someone and it did not work until the 47624 port was opened
  14. it should be a range of 2300-2400 You also need the 47624 for connection
  15. did you double check your local IP address?
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