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  1. One that Ed made (Sinai). Which is why I say the .OPC file is black arts as he's the only person who's made one and he's forgotten how he made the .OPC file.
  2. You will also need to delve into the black arts of the .opc file which i think is lost knowledge
  3. they have a range of satellite imagery but their premium 10m height data is radar.
  4. Airbus / World DEM is radar data from the Tandem-X satellites.
  5. 2 kittens and a surprised looking duck
  6. 1960s Chinese PLA templates. I compiled these from the DIA PLA Handbook. PLA Tank Regt.rar PLA Mech Inf Regt.rar PLA 1960s.rar
  7. DarkAngel


    Did you install the map downloading tool?
  8. DarkAngel


    are you sure the issue isn't the / on the end... if this is a folder structure the total name length may be too long!.
  9. 1:25k German military maps from Mapstor @ 1 euro each only issue is 1956
  10. Also check Open street map which you can get data from and make your own maps if you have a GIS program. Also mapstor.. You have to buy the maps but the are dirt cheap (imo) https://mapstor.com/
  11. Maybe it came off more brusque that it was meant. I was just saying it because it won't match the other vehicles which we have a standard colour for.
  12. CC... Your base green isn't the right shade of green
  13. it's in the map installer. I wouldn't get too fond of this map though as I've made a new version (better data).
  14. Tested with the latest beta and cannot replicate. Possibly this was fixed as part of something else.
  15. It's a Feature.. Infantry and vehicles can have different settings
  16. Right but the map wasn't included in the update.
  17. Well I'm responding to this, I have checked and apart from the few I listed there doesn't seem to be any ambiguity with ISO which is what we are using. I cannot find any using STANAG 1059 they all appear to be ISO 3199. If the question is can we use STANAG 1059 rather than ISO 3199 that would probably be a fair amount of work as it would entail redoing all the folders and the code which reads from them. Maybe it would be possible to have STANAG 1059 Aliases for the country codes in the mission editor. That is probably something to submit as an Official or Unofficial (Wishlist item) request. It
  18. Well we use ISO standard, I went through and checked and only a couple may be ambiguous where the country didn't exist for ISO. these are CS, DD, USSR. The only possible ambiguous one i can find otherwise is UK.
  19. Which ones are mixed?.. Ie which ones are using STANAG?.
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