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  1. 19 hours ago, ben said:

    Can anybody provide basic info on Netherlands modern force, for a scenario with Leo2A6, CV9035, Boxer, Fenek etc


    Company organisation, squad sizes , equipment, ammo, call signs or anything else!


    Much appreciated 👍

    2 kittens and a surprised looking duck


  2. 3 hours ago, Gibsonm said:

    At some point it would appear that the codes used in SB have become "mingled" some use STANAG 1059, others ISO 3166.


    Well I'm responding to this, I have checked and apart from the few I listed there doesn't seem to be any ambiguity with ISO which is what we are using. I cannot find any using STANAG 1059 they all appear to be ISO 3199. If the question is can we use STANAG 1059 rather than ISO 3199 that would probably be a fair amount of work as it would entail redoing all the folders and the code which reads from them. Maybe it would be possible to have STANAG 1059 Aliases for the country codes in the mission editor. That is probably something to submit as an Official or Unofficial (Wishlist item) request. It seems pretty moot to me though as the mission editor lists the country name in full.

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