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  1. You may be in luck. Jaxa covers this area. Not sure if there may be some skew or inaccuracies to it though. The smaller Yellow square is 20x20km. The larger is 30x30km I think this may be better as there is some background scenery and plenty of buffer zone for missions.
  2. need to find some lat/long coordinates for me before i can tell you. If the lat >60 forget it... unless you want to buy data. The WorldDEM would only be $10k+
  3. probably not easy. The available height data only goes to +/- 60 Degrees latitude. Plus the minimum sized SB map is 12km. Even then you want to keep the action away from the map edge so you probably want another couple of kms buffer all the way around.
  4. Ukraine was added for the 4.1x release. Including vehicle textures and uniform.
  5. So a heads up for those of us in Southern Hemisphere the US clocks change this coming Sunday. This means from NEXT WEEK TGIF will be an hour earlier.
  6. sure it's not in their minimum range?
  7. I just tend to use the preset groups and give them a group route... No good for AI i know
  8. Zero (Bond villain) made a scenario sized area for one of his scenarios. Apart from that no... it is a work in progress. I have a very basic terrain with roads and some features but data is thin on the ground for buildings.
  9. I think you'll find also that wolfsburg is in the map download
  10. It stopped because of the ! in the name. It should be a low res data map so only 800mb
  11. Did you check each side for duplicate IDs?
  12. Yep confirmed. It seems as though the saved state of the mission, during planning phase, reflects the conditions of the initial mission start.
  13. Will investigate. Thanks. Any chance of getting the initial mission and the save in progress please.
  14. M60 is huge (and slow as a pigeon out of molasses). What you will probably find is that you can't see them because you are up so high and the trees block your view. They, however, can probably see your running gear under the trees.
  15. it has to be \actors\textures\woodland not \actors\texture\woodland as you have there. Refer to the bekibekibekistan map as it uses custom textures.
  16. As Gibbo says if you jump in and tell people you are a noob you will get taken under someones wing.
  17. Try putting them in the Base map (not Delta) \actors\textures\woodland
  18. Wouldn't it need some inherent behaviour associated though?. otherwise you will end up having to make routes for every grid ^ every other grid?.
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