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  1. The problem is this... New is evaluated for each route. So a 0<new< 25 and 25<new<50 etc could all be false as the system is generating a new variable for each route. You need a route which is non conditioned for each branching group, if one of the conditioned routes is not selected then it will embark on the non conditioned route.


    If you want say 4 routes to pick a single random route use one of the x numbers then you can do 0<X1<25, 25<x1<50, 50<X1<75, 75<X1<100

  2. 28 minutes ago, Bond_Villian said:

    Its not "bumpy", its the height data i think. The hills are very steep and large, and no not resemble the photos and maps im seeing elsewhere on internet.


    Yeah the hgt files are very old. Are you able/willing to create a decent hgt map from available data, or perhaps to 'flatten' out this old map a bit for me? (By about 75 percent).

    as long as you aren't in a rush.

  3. 22 minutes ago, hawes said:

    We got mechanical low-res encoders to work with the U-HID boards. The boards also support LED's.

    Maybe that was the issue that i remember reading about, that they only support low res encoders


  4. 27 minutes ago, hawes said:

    I'd recommend the U-HID boards as these can be programmed to act as a keyboard. The Leo Bodnar boards are good, but are recognised by Windows as Joysticks.  Steel Beasts will only allow one Joystick to be used (unless you use third party software which looks like a pain in the arse to set up) 


    Similar switches used in the RealGear RACEpro Button Box can be sourced on eBay for a few dollars each. 


    You can print your own box if you have access to a 3D printer. If you don't have the tools to design your own box, email AFV Sim and we'll send you a few ready made designs. If you want to design your own box, send us a sketch with a few dimensions and we'll design one for you.

    Leo Bodnar boards would be good if Esim supported them as they have the ability to handle Rotary encoders for traverse wheels. From what I've read the U-Hid claims to do rotary encoders but don't implement them well.


  5. 2 hours ago, Panzer_Leader said:

    @hoggydog how did the button box go? I've been looking at similar, commercially-available button boxes but I'd be keen to hear your experience, and whether it adds value to the Steel Beasts or not, before pressing the button, so to speak.


    This is the one I'm thinking about:



    For that price you could build several. Start with a Leo bodnar or U-Hid board and an RS or Wiltronics catalogue Nothing in that box there is worth US$230

  6. You may be in luck. Jaxa covers this area. Not sure if there may be some skew or inaccuracies to it though. The smaller Yellow square is 20x20km. The larger is 30x30km I think this may be better as there is some background scenery and plenty of buffer zone for missions.


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