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  1. Well the only mp that you would have altered is the terrain map. This and its terrain theme are both stored in the mission file automatically. This has nothing to do with the heightmap embeding. When you create a heightmap in Pro you are offered a compression value between Lossless and 100. This value is kept with the heightmap. We found that for maps derrived from the free 90m data which most of the heightmaps are that 30-35x compression was about ideal. When you then make a mission from it and use the embed option the minimum compression will be the same as the original compression. This explains why Pop smoke only gets the choice of 40x through to 100x (Ie you can't compress it less than the original heightmap). I would recomend just leaving this value the same as the map is compressed. The system for compressing the maps is a complex system so quantifying the difference between lossless and 100x is not really possible. It depends on the original data.

  2. Yeah just checked and you're right its only destroyed. I could have sworn there was a survived option... maybe I'm just doing the wishful thinking. So with no option for survived my first response should be the correct one.

  3. Cutter, you'll have to also check whether the system actually uses potentiometers. If it doesn't then you'll have to convert it to ue them. If it does use them then you'll have to check the impedence. A pc is expecting 100kΩ if I remember correctly. If there are pots in it (which I doubt ) then you'll have to either replace them with 100kΩ pots or add some resistance to it to make the pots equivalent to that value. You may find that the easiest avenue would be to buy a computer steering wheel and strip the electronics out of that for your cadillac.

  4. Some more shots.

    M2a2 in Green Base MERDC


    M1a1 in Green Based MERDC


    M2a2 in Drab Based MERDC


    M1a1 in Drab based MERDC


    The M1 in these shots is based on RogueSnakes excellent 2048x2048 Template.

  5. AFAIK there is is at assembly level an event called VBL which is the vertical blanking line which is time related. Every Nth of a second the VBL occours. What vsync does is force the progam to wait for the next VBL before redrawing its output to screen. The reason it may be nessecary in some machines is that they are either drawing too quickly or too slowly and the VBL occours when the screen is half drawn which can give a flickering effect. Forcing it to adhere to the VBL should nullify this.

  6. Make your Own Alternative Ground textures.

    I've written a program similar to the program I used to make the original tiles for the game. But with many improvements. Produces Tesselating Fractal ranges with user definable colours. The fact that they tesselate means that you don't get any obvious tiling. Has facilities for adding shading. Produce any number of new tiles with ease.

    E-mail or PM me to request a copy.

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