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  1. Yup something amiss there... In the system now. Thanks.
  2. Will investigate. thanks
  3. No because don't forget there are the Xn numbers which are covered by the same logic entry.
  4. I can upload the template for you at some point. It is humongous though as I work at least double resolution. It would also not be easy to use in photoshop (I don't work that way).
  5. A fang is a nice cheap option. I have one... It's pretty good:-
  6. Are you sure you are putting it in a folder which matches the nation you have it on?. Lets say you are using the Cobra and your nation is US 1970s. There is no Cobra texture in the US 1970 folder then SB WILL use the texture in your woodland folder in the game install. I am not sure the same is true for mod textures. You may need to put the file in a Woodland\US 1970 folder in the mods folder.
  7. It means it is already running. Look for a green Icon with a tick on it in your show hidden icons area (up arrow near the time).
  8. try pressing O (or is it R). When you reload you are put into the peep sight and you have to return to the sights.
  9. It's about the fortification. When you place one on the map and right cllick there is an option for "Completion". Set that to 0%. Now place an AEV. Notice it has a disc similar to a supply vehicle. Give it a route so that it's disc will be over the planned position et voila.
  10. The data probably picked up the buildings which were not fully removed. If you can flag areas of issue I can alter the height data at those places.
  11. If you have found a 100% repeatable case then it behooves you to tell us Explicitly Where it is and the circumstances under which it is repeatable.
  12. They are opfor. In the mission editor there is an option to change the nation... No doubt in the Wiki or the manual.
  13. Size and shape are a possible issue but orientation is not affected by the change.
  14. Well... The issue is that the terrain map format changed with 4.0x and again with 4.1x. I was not privy to these changes so if it is saved in 4.0x or later, No. These maps are still in 3.2x format (but with access to 4.0x objects). The best bet would be to haave a look at the map before doing any changes while i can still change things.
  15. OK I've uploaded the maps. Keep an eye on the download area. What i meant about the buildings is this:- When importing the buildings I have a routine which assesses the size and shape of the object in the shapefile (polygon). It then replaces that polygon with a building from a list which best matches the size and shape of the polygon. Apart from this I can't directly control the buildings placed (especially when dealing with 10's of thousands of buildings). If someone were to then decide that there are too many of the "pink apartment building" in the map I can replace
  16. Version 1.0.0


    These are the current Suwalki gap terrain maps. They represent the development from blank map to propagated maps. 3A2 is the best one so far. I include the others just for reference for those interested.
  17. Version 1.0.0


    Two (optional) heightmaps for the Suwalki gap. One is from SRTM30 the other is JAXA (ALOS) Looking at the data the JAXA / ALOS version seems the best. I haven't checked in SB as to how noisy the data is.
  18. Sure, I'll upload. It will be in the "old" format as I am still developing maps in that manner at the moment. If you want buildings changed I have the ability to change all the building types on the map in one go.
  19. Which installer?. I have SB on my J: drive and it's maps on my L: drive... No issues!.
  20. LOL no... Someone was talking to me in the beta team about the Suwalki Gap and I thought it would make an interesting map.
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