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  1. 16 minutes ago, Parachuteprone said:

    In retrospect , yes :)


    What I am wishing for is a small AI vehicle patch (Not requiring game improvements ) For China, North Korea and Iran. Maybe 8 or so vehicles total.


    You do know there are nations, camouflage and vehicle textures (that someone did!!) for East Germany, Czechoslovakia , China (1970s and modern), USSR, Russia(Contemporary) and Ukraine?

  2. 1 hour ago, Grenny said:

    1. Ammo storage with blast doors.

    2. model fidelity, so the seperated storage areas for ammo may not be modelled in enough detail. (which is OK for most tanks IMO, when the turret bunker cooks of, most tanks are not in shape to fire their gun anyway)

    DF90 ammo isn't in any sort of safe ammo storage. Look behind you, those are the rounds all over the back wall.

  3. No, that is not a good idea. If you want to see why play a sub game like cold waters (plus others I have encountered), in that if the system decides that you haven't detected something it will not be drawn in the 3d world. This means you can be looking right at a potential target and it is not rendered. Then when the system decides something has been detected it will suddenly pop up in your view. We know with SB already that these issues exist, sometimes the AI will spot something that you cannot see, or more commonly that you can see something that the AI has not spotted. If that then stops something from being rendered it is bad.

  4. you can also make prototypes. Place a "none" type waypoint somewhere on your map, which is not connected to any vehicle (this last bit isn't essential but makes things easier to see). Do a route of any type from that waypoint to another waypoint. From this second waypoint create your multiple and / or conditioned routes. Go to the first route from your first waypoint, right click and select "copy route chain" from the menu. Go to a unit or a waypoint (or select multiple waypoints) and paste. Note the prototype is a true prototype, that is any changes you make to your prototype will be applied to subsequent pasting.

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