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  1. So whenever I try and buy a month long licence to SB, I am presented with this error just after I enter my credit card details: Failure of server APACHE bridge: cannot write 2431 bytes to tmp file /x/httpd/wlProxyTemp/_wl_proxy/_post_330_0 Failure of server APACHE bridge: Internal Server failure, APACHE plugin. Cannot continue. -------------------------------------------------- So yeah that's a bit annoying. Any help here guys and gals? A friend and I would really, REALLY like to play I also hope I've not been charged multiple times
  2. You can borrow activations? How does that work exactly? If i'd know about that i'd have dragged him on sooner!
  3. So I have a friend here who's just asked a very sensible question! He's seen me play lots of Steel Beasts and even tried it on my machine a few times. I mentioned the sale to him and he was about to leap on it when he remembered eSim charge for the substantial upgrades. He asks "Is this upgrade going to cost more than $25? Because if so am I not just going to end up paying more overall?" A good question I thought. All I know is that it won't be released at $25, but I don't know if he can expect to pay MORE over all or less. If it costs more than $25, will the cost of version 3.0 move in accord
  4. Pretty sure they still do. Sure I saw a round bounce when I was messing around in the Firing Range. Maybe I imagined it though.
  5. You can find em in your Documents folder. eSim Games --> Steel Beasts --> savedImages --> *Date*
  6. Pika

    Hello! :D

    So... wow. Where do I start? Commence gush: Steel Beasts Pro finally landed on my doormat yesterday and after spending a good few hours getting to grips with the Leopard 2, and wondering why the hell the supposed dummy tanks where shooting back at me (I didn't have the latest patch), I think i've fallen in love. This smulator is fantastic, and i've not been able to stop talking and thinking about it, let alone stop playing it, since it arrived. So much so that a friend of mine seemed suitably impressed by sales pitch that he's now considering picking it up himself. My only real grip is the tan
  7. Pika

    Hello! :D

    Thanks for all the advice and links guys. I'll take a trawl though everything recommended. Thank you!
  8. Hey guys! Well I just bit the bullet and finally ordered myself Steel Beasts. I've been playing sims for a long time, and have focused mainly on ArmA2 with ACE2 lately, trying to squeeze every last drop of realisim out of it. And while it manages just fine with infantry play, it's tanking leaves a lot to be desired. So I've done it, and last night I finally got it ordered. However i've never actually seem a decent tank sim before, and am rather intimidated by how much i've got to learn before I can join you guys online. So with that, would anyone be willing to point me toward useful informatio
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