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  1. You are welcome. And here is the config file matching the layout. To upload it to an Enterpad you'll need a EPConfig utility that can be downloaded from Cedeq website. SB Pro SP Config.POS
  2. Here is the overlay that I'm using. You'll also need a configuration file to match it; I'll submit it later today. SBPro Label_1.xls
  3. Thanks for a hint, Nils. I didn't think about CV90 as having different button/ switch functions on left and right handles which allows for much more flexibility. Technically it's not a problem, as the Arduino (actually, ProMicro) controller allows for configuring more than enough buttons and switches.
  4. Although I'm quite OK with my current setup, I was pondering an idea of getting something like a replica of the real gunner's handle. The chances of getting an original unit are quite narrow (even though they are occasionally seen on eBay) and although AFVSIM is making perfect control devices, their prices are far beyond my reach. So I was pushing the quy who made a flightsim "monoblock" system (HOTAS + pedals) for me to make a replica of, say, Leo1/ 2 handle. It looks like he will finally agree but from the cost perspective it would help if the production is not limited to just one prototype. So the question is: are there any forum members who might be interested in getting a reasonably close replica of Leopard gunner's control handle? I expect the price level to be below 300 USD (most probably well below, but I haven't got a price estimation so far). You can also browse the guy's website to get the flavour of his design concept/ build quality (the link to Google-translated pages is in the second post of the forums.eagle.ru thread above). If you are interested, please PM me.
  5. This is my rig. All the commands are handled by an Enterpad- a 120-key programmable keypad from Cedeq. It's a membrane keyboard with a clear plastic overlay cover which lets you print out your own configuration overlay sheet with labels matching the key layout. The device can store two different sets of key layouts so you can quickly change the layout sheets and have two different configurations switched "on the fly". Another great thing is that it's recognized by Windows as a standard keyboard so you can use it together with a joystick (SB is recognizing only one game device). I have to admit that at 300 USD it's not the cheapest solution, but AFAIK the only one which lets you change both the configuration and button labeling without any hassle. I'm using it also for MS Flight Simulator which makes this feature even more valuable.
  6. Here are the updated Pizarro tutorials with red units "blinded". Enjoy! Pizarro.rar
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