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  1. Great, my tank could use a competent gunner! :luxhello:
  2. Yes, the very same picture that is in the first post, but with more recent info. Thanks! I'll be there, and I see I'm blue already.
  3. Hey Mark, in response to your PM and assuming I'm not late already; Yes! Only problem is, what's the planned date and time? Call me blind, but I thought I sifted through all the threads, finding only outdated info.
  4. From past experience I assumed a german unit will want to use their own language, in which case my being there would probably only complicate things. Even if I won't be able to hear everyone all the time, someone would have to do some translating at some point. But if my assumption was wrong and comms will be in english, then there's no need to move me anywhere.
  5. Hello and sorry for being silent ever since the first thread; while being crazy busy my mail failed to notify me on PMs, and I simply hadn't noticed this one until now. If I need to choose a specific position I'll do that, but for now if at all possible I'd like to be moved to another CT. Unless of course Froggy absolutely wants to translate every single order and repeat them to me.
  6. Count me in, if there's room of course. Also it has been a while, so count on me being rusty as well. Any M1/Leo2 spot would be great.
  7. Already trained during the weekend by driving past the area we'll be fighting in... Guess that excercise explains all that heavy military traffic I ran into on sunday. Even managed a glimpse at one CV - my training is done.
  8. Nice! Also, gotta love that RK 56 TP (I'm hoping that's the one) on the turret. By the way, how do the 9030 platoons have four vehicles?
  9. Thanks mate, but I think I'll prioritize the 9030s given the apparent lack of enthusiasm elsewhere, and the fact that my mouth starts watering just thinking about driving one. I'm sure there won't be any lack of willing tank players.
  10. I'm in. I'll take whatever FI company seat is available or allotted to me.
  11. Same time as last time? Maybe this time I'll actually wake up for it...
  12. In. Would love to have a tank (if full, a mere gunner's seat would be great), but a CV90 is ok too if nothing else is available.
  13. And someone slept RIGHT through his alarm. Guess it was a typical day for us both. Thanks from me as well. And apologies.
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