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  1. The issue seems to have been resolved. It just takes time for caching dns servers to drop the old bad entries. I did a restart of my local bind9 dns server and it now resolves the address correctly. To me it looked like there was an issue with the steelbeasts.com NS record. It had some comcast server in there instead of the current 6 NS records.
  2. And holy shit, I've just done and goofed things up. I just bought a new v3.0 license thinking the v4.0 licenses were already available on the store page.
  3. Hi, Can we get an alternative link to the torrent or maybe just the magnet link / hash? I want to start seeding it Edit: Managed to download the .torrent file using Google dns ( My own dns server's can't resolve mirror1.steelbeasts.com (returns nxdomain).
  4. I forgot to check the date for the first mission and missed it. I now have a reminder for the second mission and would like to take part in it.
  5. Got my license upgraded, now waiting for the download to be available. This is my second upgrade
  6. That bridge was kind of tricky with a Leo2 under it blocking parts of it. I had to take the left most side of it to get through with my CV90
  7. On the topic of issues with forum software: I'm having issues loading up the site at times with Firefox (haven't tested extensively on other browsers, but they seem ok) when I'm behind my pfSense/Squid3 firewall/proxy/cache. Now for the past hour or two it seems to be mostly fine. But at times I get stuck with only background and some simple graphics showing with 0 actual content with the website and forum both.
  8. I should be in this time. I totally forgot the last scenario :F
  9. I should be there, assuming I don't forget about it before Saturday
  10. Whoever made the scenario/map disabled enemy spotted enemy positions from map.
  11. Hope you guys had fun! I just got home from getting my ass wasted!
  12. External tanks are never used in combat, so there's no real reason of having them in the sim. And you don't really go for 500 km rides around in the sim anyways to really need refueling. Edit: Or am I completely wrong about external tanks not used in combat.. I think I've read about it, but I can't remember where and it just seems reasonable not to have a unarmored tank of flammable liquid at the back of your vehicle.
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