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  1. CodeMeter improvements

    What if you already have disabled the time server connection, turned off the LED, and dont use an external USB hub?
  2. That's a DirectX7 port.... I thought SB used DirectX8 DirectPlay (which uses port 6073 instead) connection standards ??
  3. Frame rate discussion

    The basic idea behind SLI is each card only renders 1/2 the screen. So in theory, performance would be double of a single card under the same conditions. Here is the link to a tweaker that I use for my video card: http://www.guru3d.com/index.php?page=rivatuner&menu=8 I find it very useful...
  4. challenger 1 or 2 mbt

    If you guys require the services of an artist, I have a friend who is available for projects on a part-time or full time basis. He has experience making graphics for games; his last commercial project was Falcon 4 Allied Force (http://www.lead-pursuit.com), he created the cockpits, user interface and some of the model textures and terrain graphics. If you are interested, send a pm, email or contact me via ICQ and I will provide you with more details. I bet he would be willing to do some work in exchange for a copy of SBpro PE
  5. M1A1 Blank Skin

    Version 1.0


    Blank skins for the M1A1 made from the original skins in SBpro PE
  6. Challenger1 Tank SIm

    You all owe me beer.... http://rapidshare.de/files/15534996/PGTS_Challenger_Gunnery.zip.html
  7. Word Association Game.

    'May thy knife chip and shatter' > 'I fart in your general direction'
  8. Challenger1 Tank SIm

    Here is an alternative site which limits file uploads to 100mb but it is not limited on the number of downloads and they will keep the file available as long its downloaded at least once every 30 days. http://www.mysharebox.com/
  9. Map Mods

    Version 1.0


    The Map Mods are a series of modified graphic files which change what units are visible to you on the F5 game map. Find out how good you are when the game map just works like a normal one. Works in both single and multiplayer games.
  10. Word Association Game.

    get your own lucky charms dammit > Silly rabbit, Tricks is for kids
  11. Word Association Game.

    wow...what a visual > I got pics, want to see em?
  12. Word Association Game.

    What day do you want it to be little boy? > Boob day
  13. Word Association Game.

    from boomtown > Bob Geldof
  14. Word Association Game.

    you sniveling dog! > woof!
  15. Word Association Game.

    dont ask, its not necessary. > dont ask, dont tell
  16. Word Association Game.

    annex the world > would you like fries with that?
  17. Word Association Game.

    X-files > Directory name of Hell Hound's porn collection
  18. Word Association Game.

    Björn Borg > Resistance is futile!
  19. Word Association Game.

    great mushroom explosion > shrooms
  20. Word Association Game.

    bastogne > Nuts!
  21. Word Association Game.

    Bada boom > boom boom out goes the light
  22. Word Association Game.

    Sports > Naked cheerleaders
  23. Word Association Game.

    ShotMagnet version Beta 0.81 > Mapman: Factory Recalled
  24. Word Association Game.

    stoppage! > constipation
  25. Word Association Game.

    and your name is > girly man