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  1. I understand what you are saying about hitting trees at high speed but I have pushed over several trees while in the service. I can understand a tree stoping a tank or even if your unbuttoned killing a TC or loader but the driver I can not understand. Once again Im not saying full speed into a tree but I have bumped into a tree at very low speed and killed my driver. I fear trees more than I do a tank shell. I was just wondering if there was a better way around it than to dodge every tree while trying to fight. And I thought this was the wish list.
  2. I know but when you are getting arty you need to go and then you get away from arty just in time to hit the tree and kill a driver. I can understand nocking out a radio or something but killing crewmembers little frustrating.
  3. I wish not to be killed by trees anymore. Is there something that can be done about that?:
  4. Have a new amd 6970 video card running around 62 fps and i can see troops :debile2:
  5. Thanks for trying to help. You guys are asking for the scenario in which this is happening. It is every mission I play. I am rebuilding my pc time now. So after I get it back together I will try to give more information on different scenarios and will try a few different things. But once again thanks for all the suggestions on what could be the problem.
  6. I can let the tank become fully loaded resupply from a truck and it still will not scan in f8 as soon as i go to any of the commanders position it begans to scan. As soon as i jump to f8 it stops instant. Not to sound smart but if the vehicle starts moving the loading procedure stops if Im correct so it should not have anything to do with it. But Im not sure. But its pretty weird. One thing i have noticed is when the missions begin tank scans fine but if i jump to the gunners seat and out for some reason from that point on it will not scan on its own.
  7. I can put an M1A1 on a map with nothing else there and have it fully loaded and it will still do the same thing. Have reset all my controls to default and still has the same problem. Have no clue what it is.:eek2:
  8. I didnt either until recent but its not reloading or in trees. I can be on the main road gun will stay in one place even if i sit and do 360s. If I go to commanders position out of hatch scans like normal but as soon as i jump to external it stops.
  9. Anytime I go to external view on the abrams my gunner will not scan. Have to be danger close for tc to designate before he will engage. I tried it on other tanks and gunner scans and shoots fine just wondering if I have turned something off or has anyone heard of this?:confused:
  10. I stand corrected I just watched a video of a chally tank commander explaining that there sabot round was only effictive out to 2k but hesh was out to 8k. So according to this I am wrong. But the video did show alot of the inside of the tank. Nice video
  11. I may be from West Virginia but I served on active duty with 13 months in Iraq as a tank gunner. I have explained that we were told of the Challys capabilities so if we were near them we knew what to expect. I may be wrong but all Im saying is that I believe that the tank could take on and defeat T-80s maybe not M1s or leos. I dont mean to sound rude or ungrateful for the research that has been done but from what i have been taught the tank is better than shown. And by the way I will bet the West Virginia National Guard has spent more time in combat than most people on this forum. Have a nice day.
  12. And what experience do you have 12Alfa just wondering:confused:
  13. Just my opinion the people in the video are so called experts and they rate the challys fire power off the charts. So why on this sim does a leo as1 have better ammo than the newest british ammo.:confused:
  14. I dont know when you served but when we went to war there was also british tanks along with others and if we were going to be near them they discussed there strengths so that if they were needed we new there capabilities. But we did study our own military but if the tank is considered one of the best in the world why cant it kill anything above a t-72. And the tank is slow compared to reality the tank ranges for 37 to 42 mph so not much slower than my beloved abrams.
  15. I think its slow and very weak compared to what I was taught in the military. From what I understand it was suppose to be on par with the top tanks in the world and on here its to weak to take on t-80 or anything better
  16. Havent been able to connect for a while now anyone know whats going on
  17. Just a question about the ammo for challenger why is it so weak in comparison to every other tank in the game and it says its rounds max range is only 3500 meters when the chally 1 has the longest kill in combat to be recorded at over 5k. I have played againest leo 2 E and Abrams and have a hard time destroying.
  18. I have tested the jav on some things and I found that if I will fire one missle and let it hit and destroy a target then move to the next it has a 100 percent hit rate within the 2500 meters of the weapons range.
  19. I talked to some of the guys I am playing with and they helped me find what card I have and advised that I would probably need a new card. So I am just trying to decide what card to go with. And when I get my new card I will let you guys know if it fixed it or not so thanks for your help.
  20. My card is about 3yrs old so you think I need a new card and if so what brand would you suggest.
  21. Its every scenario for me. We played online last night only me and another guy couldnt see troops but everyone else could. So I erased everything that I had for steel beast, I updated my graphics card, updated my com stick and reinstalled steel beast and the update and still cant see troops on any map or scenario
  22. I cant see them at all if there moving or anything i can see there locations on the map but not through my gun sights. Even if i control the unit i cant see them.
  23. I have uninstalled every thing that has to do with SB and reinstalled i have updated my video card and tried everything i know but still cant see troops any ideal.
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