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  1. I think what we should take home from this is that the infantry is spotted too quickly, and then then its is plotted on the map too quicky and too accurately. Not every unit has an LRF and is linked into a flawless C2 network.
  2. So are you mad about the map settings or the fact that the AI isnt routed along roads and instead drives cross country? Use the realism themes or modify one of them to make your own. It takes about five minutes to do. I made a theme that even tracked vehicles cant cross and it took about 25 seconds. This thread is out of control. First some hero wants the source code so he can paw away at the graphics and its made its way all the way to "the map themes suck"... Jack
  3. And what experience does someone in West Virginia have, just wondering? If i had to guess i would say that 12 Alpha is on the beta team so he may have been part of discussions and testing of the C2 during the beta test. I believe hes in the Canadian Army and has worked with Challenger 2s so it sounds like he may be familiar to what is reality. Im sure none of that compares to crewing Chally2s in the West Virginia national guard or watching top ten tanks on youtube.
  4. Tank guy

    Map Issues

    This is a pretty big deal. If it worked in the last version but not now, my guess is its the increased views distance. Anyhow if you happen to be one of the many users afflicted with this bug, it sucks. Is there a hotpatch or something in the near future? The silence is deafening...
  5. Yes, perhaps gibson is right. It would be too hard so lets not even try. Surely its impossible to create a series of videos that show the basics of certain basic tactical events in SB. Thats rediculous. There would be a SB wiki if everyone took that attitude. Im sure someone could create a video explaining the difference between, lets say a hasty an a deliberate attack, etc, or how people plan and carry out a mission in SB. Most people dont use literal military doctrine when they play SB anyway. It doesnt matter a bit to me if some country puts its officers through years of schooling, we're
  6. First you want the bug fixes without the new content . Now you want an advance copy. Just pay for the update like everyone else does.
  7. Are those ripped SB Pro PE sounds I hear in that video? Ballsy! No thanks. I'll stick with an actual tank sim (SB Pro PE). Jack
  8. Im really not sure what your asking, however the wiki is a better (or more updated) source of info in many cases than the manual.
  9. Tank guy

    More M1A1

    M-1 tracks dont chatter constantly like that. If only the M-1 tracks do that in the sound mod isnt that a sort of cheat? Jack
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