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  1. Thanks for the prompt reply. will go back and have aother go at it . it doesnt sound so difficult. Cheers JohnN
  2. Can you describe what the units callsigns are and where you find them. is it the same as 1/1/A etc. i made a tank platoon with 3 tanks then divided the unit into 3 seperate vehicles then renamed them to abrams hemtt and aslavA. i wanted the tank first hemtt and aslavA in that order in a column and made sure that the tank was 1/1/A the hemtt was 4/1/A and finally the aslavA as 2/1/A. thats the order of rank platoon leader, platoon seargent then platoon leader wingman. i then reattached them and found out in the game that the 2/1/A was first and then i tried different recombination attempts and the 2/1/A was always first which to me indicates that there must be different id numbers and callsigns somewhere. Thanks
  3. Can anyone make me an m1a1roof.dds file to match the ambush camo scheme of the m1a1 on the download section of SB please. i would like to get some new tracks for the m1a1 in dds format. i tried the ones on the Site but cant get any of them to work.Thanks
  4. my favorite skin for the m1a1 is the ambush camo scheme. Im trying to find out who made it so i can ask them if they can make me the m1a1roof.dds file to match the body in the commanders position. Any help would be appreciated or if someone else can design it for me that would be really cool. Thanks again.
  5. I am using the download that allows you to zoom in and out the map with the mousescroll wheel and it works good but it jumps from say .7 to 1.4 and thats a big jump in the map size. I was wondering if anybody knows how to modify the script to make every click of the mousewheel to increase the map by .1 increments say like from .7 to .8. You can do that with right clicking the mouse and dragging the map zoom slider at the moment.
  6. JohnN

    next unit

    Thanks for the feedback i was aware of that but i thought it would be easier to scroll through the units backwards in the 3d mode so gameplay is not interupted.
  7. you can scroll to the next unit and the next vehicle in the unit.by going forward. Will there ever be a way to scroll backward too so you dont have to go through all the units to get back to the previous one. also any news about saving games yet? Thanks
  8. I really like flying the helicopter and its a great scout but doesnt last long and flying that drone is pretty cool too. im trying to come to grips with their purpose and how to properly implement them in the game. i hope i dont spend more time in the air than in the tank ,that would defeat the purpose of steel beasts.
  9. Advice much appreciated
  10. Thanks fellows well spoken.
  11. JohnN

    2 problems

    Thanks for shedding some light on the subect.
  12. Can anyone tell me what vehicle is the artillery observer in steel beasts, what it is used for and how it works. Thanks JohnN
  13. JohnN

    2 problems

    Would swapping rounds be considered cheating or not realistic. Id like to stick to the rules that the actual field personnel use in real life. Do they actually swap the 120 mm rounds in the abrams in the real world or is it just a convenience for the game. id like to shape my behavior based on your feedback thanks.
  14. Thanks for your response guys I was a little bit confused about the matter because there was no gunners position in the helicopter and i wasnt able to fire at will at any target when i was controlling the helicopter. Thanks JohnN
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