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  1. Yes, possibly Malwarebytes or Hitman Pro tagged it and since I'm not familiar enough with what's what, that may have resulted in accidental deletion of the critical file you name. This is a fantastic game, but my specs were marginal to begin with, and even with my Norton 360 antivirus disabled (not exactly a smart thing to do) I've been getting mid-game play crashes, freeze-ups, and BSODs one time of which I actually had to drag out my Win7 installation disk to repair the MBR which thankfully I succeeded. I think I need to wait until such time as I can upgrade my machine somehow with a newer one and then everything will go much more smoothly. So thank you for all your support, and happy gaming to everyone, and everyone here has been absolutely fantastic, and I'll be seeing you around sometime.
  2. Okay new 'Start Error' problem...quote: One of the following licenses is required: -CodeMeter 100146:11091 Failure reason: CmContainer Entry not found, Error 200. -codeMeterAct 5000173:71091 Failure reason: The CmActLicense has to be activated again, Error 263. Efforts to repair, create, or whatever all fail. I still have maybe 25 days remaining on my 30-day trial run, so it can't be expired. The only thing I can think of that might have goofed it up was that I reset Firefox to dump all cookies every time it closes, because I got sick of being auto-tracked and getting closed-loop feedback by various websites in the form of annoying 'suggestions' based on past web activity; not sure if that is a factor in SB's Start Error.
  3. re: 'Start Error' - (edit: I created a new post about the problem in this sub-section).
  4. Yes, thank you for the suggestion and timeline. I can use the existing .pdf manual and my SB Gold book to tide me over until the new manual comes out in July or sometime thereafter. Sorry I didn't write down the name of the standard-issue map that comes with the game in single-player mode, in which my tanks keep getting chewed up by infantry with anti-tank missiles. But I set it up to run an artillery bombardment of the area 10 minutes on, which helped whittle down an intractable sector. Then I added a couple of extra squads of M1A2s, and some more infantry of my own in the problem sector.
  5. Well I see a manual is only $15 but I'm running on a trial $10/mo now and already planning on getting the $40/yr plan within 30 days so I may put off the manual for a month yet, then upgrade to the newer edition of the manual when that comes out later. I never did like 'jumping games' (which is putting it mildly), and am so enamored of SB's nice smooth machine action, awesome clean look, and deep multi-dimensional sound. Good goal-oriented and well-structured gaming, very multi-optional and versatile, fantastic AI. Also user-friendly and cpu-friendly.
  6. ^Thank you everyone, your comments are being read faithfully and taken to heart. GibsonM, I see what you mean now with map icon color coding. MDF, I'll try to find or figure out that onscreen compass. Yes, the control logic or AI is amazing. It's also a very rewarding experience to see my units following the roads so well with auto-steering. For those hot spots where my tanks kept getting creamed deep in the field, I put in some ground infantry with missiles to alleviate the problem somewhat. I saw somewhere there was mention of a new hard copy of the book coming out, and may want to wait until it is available before picking one up. I suppose the book will give pictures to go with the vehicle alpha-numerics so I can make better choices for what to deploy. Rotareneg tnx for the head's up on the bug. So far, I've positioned a few Bushmasters and set them up in map mode for the infantry to just get out and mix it up. I've been instinctively keeping my tanks just inside the tree line overlooking an open field of fire; either that, or finding a nice low hilltop or river bank to drop down behind.
  7. Oh yes, I see what you mean. Tnx! Haven't played SB Gold in awhile, so I'm a bit rusty. I find myself often driving along and wishing I knew which way was North without having to check the map and watch my vehicle in motion on the map grid long enough to determine that.
  8. There was a whole group of my APCs that had reached a forward pre-staging area and were no longer moving. i went into the map and could not get them to move, either by clicking on their map icons, or by jumping to them and giving direct commands.
  9. When I played one of the standard maps that come with the basic game, all my APCs moved into advance position while I was personally bringing up a quad tank unit down a different road. I lost the unit to ground troop attacks. So with a 2nd quad tank unit, I went to where a cluster of my APCs had ended up, and tried to go into map mode and get them to follow my tanks, but no soap. So I attached them to the tank unit, and they still would not follow my tanks. I could sure use the armored APCs with their machine gun turrets to give my tank units support against ground troops. As a single player, is there a way to do that? Or do you have to just independently set the APCs up to go to the same goal as where you want to go with your tanks?
  10. Wherer do I find 'range limit for ground clutter'? Is it one of these?: HDR Blooming 0 X.................... Anti-Aliasing 1 ..X................. Shadow Mapping 1 ..X.................... Volumetric Clouds 0 X..........................
  11. I disabled Norton Autoprotect for 1 hour, reset the sliders all to '1' or '0', and got the game working smoothly with no crashes for the last 45 minutes. Okay, I meant to say before, it is an awesome virtual simulation; but then, I would not have already owned SB Gold from many years back and be trying so hard to get this one going if I did not already think so highly of it. :clin: And by the way, resetting the sliders did not seem to affect the visuals at all and everything looks perfect. Another BTW, my old SB Gold booklet which is in like-new condition is proving a decent supplemental guide to SB Pro PE until I can order up a newer booklet. Thank you for all your help!
  12. I just figured out how to find scenarios in the mission editor and run 'test' to play them. I got 10 seconds of play, visual lock-up, then got visual back, then 2 minutes later a complete computer crash and reboot. I don't know if it can be played on my machine. Here's my specs; Windows 7 Pro 32-bit; AMD 4400+ dual-core; 3GB ram; NVidia GTS 450; onboard sound. I was running game graphics at 1280 x 960 x 16. HDR Blooming 1 ....................X Anti-Aliasing 4 .........X.......... Shadow Mapping 4 ..................X.... Volumetric Clouds 1 ..........................X My Norton antivirus was running in 'silent mode' to avoid background scans during play. I also run Malwarebytes. If there are no suggestions, I'm only doing a one-month trial of the game, so it's not a major loss, and I can always go back to running SB Gold on my other HD with WinXP. SB Pro SE is quite a decent game though.
  13. Okay, thank you; did you mean to move my post? Can I find the moved post by searching my posts?
  14. I just figured out how to find scenarios in the mission editor and run 'test' to play them. As for the downloaded M1ABTcampaign, I put it in the folder you suggest in your last post. Thank you.
  15. Newbie question; in what folder do I put downloaded M1ABTcampaign .sce mission scenario files? Then, where do I look for them in the main menu? Tnx.
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