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  1. Braul

    My toy

    Looks like the crew trainer from Simnet. We used these in Schweinfurt in the early to mid 90'2
  2. Probably going to wear out some torsion bars on the new terrain but I it's awesome, it seems now that using hull defilade and hull down positions actually provide some cover which adds immensely to the sim. Well done.
  3. If you are using TIR make sure F7 isn't a hotkey in the TIR profile. TIR will intercept the input. The_GhostRider
  4. Hit and explosion effects - very satisfying when they brew up M60A3 All the new targets
  5. No not at all, same M242 no difference in ammo, types, storage or rate of fire. The Bradley stinger fighting vehicle was a stock M2A2 with the rear seats removed except 2, stinger rack in place of the TOW stowage with 4 stingers and a stinger BCU storage box on the driver side rear. Brad
  6. Actually The Bradley is just fine depending on the time period. We used M2A2's with a mounted stinger team when the Vulcan was retired so from 93 until I retired in 98. We used to shoot RCMAT's at putlos annually and the 25mm was quite effective. I'd say fair representation in game would be the M3A2, just dismount the scout team when you see a helicopter. For more realism dismount them often and make them follow for a couple of thousand meters then let them back in, rinse and repeat Brad
  7. I saw this as well last night and it's awsome. The low ammo light on the Bradley is another, can't reload press the override. Brad
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