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  1. Bekro

    Leo 2A4 in Syria

    My point was that LEO 2 now became ''really'' combat proven. However, Leo 2a4 show some great weaknesses and I am not sure how Leo 2a6 will perform without active protection in such war zone. In all incidents, ATGMs shot from distances and quite hidden places . For your criticism of employment of the tanks by Turkish army I should say it is very succesfull in general and I do not think any of the European armies ,besides British, could achieve that considering the inexperience of the aforementioned armies as well as the experience of ATGM operators and the number of ATGMs deployed by IS . Loosing only 5 tanks in about 3 months with only support of about 500-1000 Turkish soldiers and about 3000 FSA fighters is quite a succes in Syria. I brought you the example of C2 because of the account of the actual tank crews in combat incidents about armor resistance that I listened and watched. So far Leo 2a4 are not doing equally well and it really makes me wonder how LEO2a6 would do.
  2. Bekro

    Leo 2A4 in Syria

    I dont know how serious their injuries but they survived. Not sure after the war with Hezballoh I could say if Merkava any better than Leo or Abrams. One interesting tank though is Challenger and its chobham armor
  3. Bekro

    Leo 2A4 in Syria

    There are two tanks in the second series of pictures. Both of them hit by ATGMs. The first one -again- received minimum damage, whereas the second one well you see it. However interestingly the crew survived albeit they are injured. I wonder what you guys think of that the second one -one that cooked off- left its position once they realised the other tank hit by ATGM. However, they could not realised where the atgm were coming from. This alone show me the laser receiver and active/passive protection are must BTW since the beginning 5 M60T SABRA hit by ATGMs three were completly cooked off and two survived without a serious damage and three LEO 2A4 hit and two survived
  4. Hi Guys, I think you would like to see this picture. Turkish Leo 2a4 has entered in Syria and actively participating to Al Bab siege. Yesterday one Leo shot by ATGM (not sure the model of ATGM). It is reported the tank received a minimum damagae and crew have not injured.
  5. Bekro

    Its June

    I know u dont fancy giving any detail but r u planning any graphical update?
  6. The armor kit provided by IBD all the optics and fire control systems as well as remote control weapon station are Turkish made. Gun is still L 44, they couldnt implement L 55 as it was causing lots of problems. It is possiblly cheaper than Rheinmatell's upgrade package.
  7. Well one of the reason why communism could not compete with capitalism was the empty shells(Although it is against common belief that they had money but there was not many things to spend it) and lack of competitiveness. Obviously central planning economy did not do well. So in the Western world if you had money you would buy what ever you wish but in communism you would buy whatever they give you.
  8. Obviously there is no competition in the market so as a natural monopoly you are the one to decide the price.however the problem is how to expand your market to the new customers.A natural suggestion would be value adding,however there are many things to decide before such as overall strategy of company, resources and so on.
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