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  1. Problem starting SB

    i have found the problem. Avira antivirus caused it.
  2. Problem starting SB

    Finally i reset windows and the problem solved. I didn't figure out what caused the problem but now i am ready again!!
  3. Problem starting SB

    I don't get any error message. I hit the release icon. It seems like loading the game but nothing happens after 3 seconds. I uninstalled nahimic (this caused a problem in another version of SB) and the only thing that changed in my computer was the upgrade to version 1709. That's why i suppose that this is the problem. I upgraded the code meter too.
  4. Problem starting SB

    Does anyone have problem of starting SB after the upgrade of Windows 10 to version 1709?
  5. New Map:- Greek - Turkish border (North)

    Thank you very much Dark Angel!!!!!
  6. Greek/Turkish Border map

    Thank you very much DarkAngel!! The best Christmas present i 've ever had!!!:luxhello:

    Thank you very much.

    Can anyone tell which programms can we use to make maps?
  9. Word Association Game.

  10. Word Association Game.

  11. Map Request Thread

    I am very sorry about the mess i caused about my request for a map!!!
  12. Map Request Thread

    Ok DarkAngel. Thank you very much.
  13. Map Request Thread

    Good morning. Can anyone make a 30X30 Km map of river EVROS in Greek-Turkish borders. I attach the image from google earth. Thanks.
  14. BEER

    A Greek scotch ale beer with 6% alcohol. Read more http://history-of-macedonia.com/2013/07/29/elliniki-mpyra-megas-alexandros-zeos/