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  1. i have found the problem. Avira antivirus caused it.
  2. Finally i reset windows and the problem solved. I didn't figure out what caused the problem but now i am ready again!!
  3. I don't get any error message. I hit the release icon. It seems like loading the game but nothing happens after 3 seconds. I uninstalled nahimic (this caused a problem in another version of SB) and the only thing that changed in my computer was the upgrade to version 1709. That's why i suppose that this is the problem. I upgraded the code meter too.
  4. Does anyone have problem of starting SB after the upgrade of Windows 10 to version 1709?
  5. Thank you very much DarkAngel!! The best Christmas present i 've ever had!!!:luxhello:
  6. Can anyone tell which programms can we use to make maps?
  7. I am very sorry about the mess i caused about my request for a map!!!
  8. Ok DarkAngel. Thank you very much.
  9. Good morning. Can anyone make a 30X30 Km map of river EVROS in Greek-Turkish borders. I attach the image from google earth. Thanks.
  10. iskios


    A Greek scotch ale beer with 6% alcohol. Read more http://history-of-macedonia.com/2013/07/29/elliniki-mpyra-megas-alexandros-zeos/
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