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  1. I've watched a few of your TGIF youtube videos, they were really nice, and I learned quite a lot from them. Thanks for them!
  2. Finally got 100 of 100 score with the Aslav-25, on my new user. (Got it on the other old user using the Bradley. (I guess it's cheap)) 6.7 seconds average time (only one 'questionable' hit) Just wanted to brag.. will do some tutorials before I'll charge the MP world :c: ASLAV-25_042414PIGGY-PC2014.rar
  3. Thanks for the info.. will redo the tutorials when I have time.. and spend a little more time on the shooting range. (I'm mostly stuck in the air in WWII in IL2:BoS) But just rediscovered this gem, and thought I'd get my moneys worth sometime soon. (well I've gotten my moneys worth already by just huffing along and shooting stuff)
  4. How much do you have to be able to handle to join a MP game? Do you have to be able to run around with an entire battalion.. och can you just ask to roll along watching the action, and look around in a single Aslav-25, until you get a hand of the strategies and battle and planning? I have just tried a few scenarios, and made myself comfy in just a few tanks, (with a particular love for the Aslav-25). I know I had the game since 2011, but haven't touched the mp yet, since I haven't found any mate to train with, since they don't like tanks, and don't like the price, and don't want to make a fool of myself publicly (yet). Are there any newbie multiplayer games, with a decent coordinator?
  5. That might be the problem.. or I'm most certain it's the problem! Thanks a lot!
  6. Thanks, will give it a go tomorrow!
  7. I were trying it out on the range, and dyn.lead just stops the following, what have I missed are there some ninja moves that I'm not aware of? +a question about getting 100% on the shooting range: How the heck do you make it? I'm at 95% (since 2011! (haven't played it much lately)) Always when it seems to go my way, it loads up a heat for the last fast tank= 90% chance of me missing it.. well since I'm still at 95% score I guess it's almost 100% chance of me missing it.. or go above the timelimit for a full score. Can I tell the loader to only give me sabots? Thanks in advance.. even if you just tell me to rtfm
  8. The inventors of 'GGG' ? Strange that the didn't shoot the package in selfdefence! :drink:
  9. Every time I see 'Do not use PMs to contact me' I get the urge to send you one! Good clarification, on an issue (32/64) I hadn't even thought about yet!
  10. That's what is keeping me from a 100% score at the shooting range.. the bastard TC orders wrong ammo ½ the time
  11. I'd like to have the standard 'fligh-sim-check your buttons' in settings. ex. press firebutton, and it scrolls to the function of that button.. being out of the game for more then 6 month, made me forget my 'ingeniously planned' (and easy to forget, when you play a lot of flight sims too) setup!
  12. Nope, they don't have the full specifications for the F5 yet :gun:
  13. June sounds better then fine.. as I'm really poor a few coming months.. and haven't even had time to play around with it lately (forgot what joybutton that do what even)
  14. I'm trying to convince a mate to get this sim, and wonder what people consider to be the best video on the current version? With best i mean both best looking and and most realistic.. or one of each (wouldn't cry if the video were from the upcoming version either )
  15. Damn! Thought my 95 score were the maximum.. So there is a time-factor too :decu:
  16. If it's the pro PE, download the latest, order the game and at least get the dongle sent to you if you don't have any (it's more or less the dongle you pay for, as you need the latest updates downloaded anyway (haven't even opened my DVD case) You can remove the dongle, and put it in the other computer, and then you can play on that one instead!
  17. That's why I knew it! .. we are a few secluded Vikings left..
  18. It's /God= (and then the correct number for your god) 3 for allah http://youtu.be/iJ0IeXX0Lp8 :biggrin:
  19. OK Thanks.. It was just a play around thing anyway. But thought wingie wanted to stay alive without orders other then fire at will
  20. Might've been up before.. But is there a possibility to tell wingman to pop smoke. Played around with 2 bradleys vs 4 t-72's and I (bradley) popped as soon as I noticed enemy, using thermals and tows.. while my wingie just looked surprised, even thou he were allowed to fire at will. He turned into scrapmetal after 2 hits, while I used 2 smokes and killed all of them
  21. M2A2, happens everytime I jump to TC view and back while loading missile
  22. Hijacking the thread speaking of the Bradley launcher.. When you reload, and pop into TC view to look around, and jump back into gunner seat, it says 'dynamic lead disabled' or something like that.. and the only way i found to get control back of the gunner sight, is jump out of gunner place and back. Is that a bug, of is it some easy way out of it?
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