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  1. Hi IrishHussar, I know this was not meant for me, but I could not resist looking up Sasanach in the free dictionary.😄 Found this "A Scottish word for an English person or a Highlander’s word for a Lowland Scot. " Welcome scotsgrey2 ☺️
  2. Imho: The whole restrict of view thing might be nice for the hardcore simmer. For all the others it would be a pain... If you are not in VR (no VR support in SB exists) its difficult enough to not loose the orientation. If at all, make it a option.
  3. You enjoy my full trust in fixing the 🐛 ☺️
  4. Hi DarkAngel, Prototypes are really helpful. They additionally work as a kind of documentation👍
  5. Gentlemen, Thank you for your quick and comprehensive help. I'm not new to SteelBeasts but a greenhorn in all things regarding the editor. As a short resume I would say the scenery editor is one of the most important features in Steelbeasts. The easier the editor is to use the more content can be generated. A feature to insert a waypoint at an arbitrary node would be very helpful. Until then, as Ssnake wrote, I have to use shorter routes.
  6. Hi, I did not find the menu shortcut for adding a new waypoint (inserting) to an existing route. For example click on one of the vertices an then insert a new waypoint there. This functionality is not missing, right?
  7. Hi 12Alfa, sorry for beeing off topic, but I have to say, this is an impressive picture!
  8. Good morning Ssnake, Thank you for your help. Will follow your recommendation...
  9. Thank You Bond_Villiain, I will try it. It seems that my logical thinking sucks.🙈
  10. I see, thanks. RTFM is not always the right choice. 😉
  11. Hi Bond_Villian, Thanks for your help. My intention is, that if unit 1/A is in region5 the red event 1 is triggered. The Repair if watches for this event to occur and repairs the unit a soon as it happens. Hi Jartsev, Thanks for your help. It's easy to get lost in such an enormous and capable steering system with triggers, events and conditions. I read the manual and the sentence, I highighted in green, confused me a bit. "Damage / Damage if...: These submenus provide the ability to specify starting damages or damages that will occur if certain conditions are met
  12. Hi, If someone would be so nice and tell me what I'm doing wrong. I try to achieve to a repare a damaged main gun when platoon 1/A enters a custom region. No luck til now, the gun remains damaged... What I did so far. 1.) Unit 1A>options damage if this unit is 1/A AND mission time > 0:00 (screenshot #1) 2.) Unit 1A>options repare if 1/A is in region 5 (screenshot #2) 3.) Triggered an event when Unit 1/A is in region 5 release of the trigger ist confirmed by reading the trigger message (screenshot #3) Cheers
  13. Um... I thought I tried it and it did not work. I have to try it again. Thank you and have a nice weekend!
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