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  1. 11 minutes ago, IrishHussar said:

    Hey you old Sasanach

    Hi IrishHussar,

    I know this was not meant for me, but I could not resist looking up Sasanach in the free dictionary.😄


    Found  this

    "A Scottish word for an English person or a Highlander’s word for a Lowland Scot. "


    On 9/10/2019 at 8:37 PM, scotsgrey2 said:

    Hi All 


    have not been on here for years, is there anyone that remembers me .

    Welcome scotsgrey2 ☺️



  2. 20 hours ago, DarkAngel said:
    • Create Prototype
    • Copy route chain
    • Paste it to units (can only do it one at a time)
    • Change the prototype (you do not have to re copy)
    • Select multiple existing waypoints
    • Paste and end up with a lot of routes. Notice how the changes to the prototype are automatically applied.

    Hi DarkAngel,

    Prototypes are really helpful. They additionally work as a kind of documentation👍

  3. Gentlemen,

    Thank you for your quick and comprehensive help. I'm not new to SteelBeasts but a greenhorn in all things regarding the editor.  As a short resume I would say the scenery editor is one of the most important features in Steelbeasts. The easier the editor is to use the more content can be generated. A feature to insert a waypoint at an arbitrary node would be very helpful. Until then, as Ssnake wrote, I have to use shorter routes.

  4. 2 hours ago, Bond_Villian said:

    I dont understand what the 3rd part is supposed to achieve...?

    Hi Bond_Villian,

    Thanks for your help. My intention is, that if unit 1/A is in region5 the red event 1 is triggered. The Repair if watches for this event to occur and repairs the unit a soon as it happens.

    2 hours ago, Jartsev said:

    Damage will be  continuously applied, because  condition  'mission time >0:00" remains true.  So  it would be  better to create an event, and   use damage criteria 'Damage if:  event ... is true'   a  small transparent region,  and use  damage criteria  'Damage if: Unit XXX  is in  Region YYY"

    Hi Jartsev,

    Thanks for your help. It's easy to get lost in such an enormous and capable steering system with triggers, events and conditions. I read the manual and the sentence, I highighted in green, confused me a bit.


    "Damage / Damage if...: These submenus provide the ability to specify starting damages or damages that will occur if certain conditions are met (through the use of Boolean logic). The damages listed in the two submenus are dependent on the specific vehicle.
    Note: Damages set with the option Damage can never be repaired. If the affected unit is supposed to be repaired at some point during the exercise, use Damage, if… and set the condition to something like Mission time > 0:00.
    Repair if...: This submenu provides the ability to specify damages that will be repaired if certain conditions are met (through the use of Boolean logic). Note that some types of damage will automatically be repaired during the Execution Phase (e.g. track damage), and some will not. This feature allows special conditions to be set to speed up repair or to repair damages that cannot be repaired by default."

  5. Hi,

    If someone would be so nice and tell me what I'm doing wrong.

    I try to achieve to a repare a damaged main gun when platoon 1/A enters a custom region.

    No luck til now, the gun remains damaged...


    What I did so far.

    1.) Unit 1A>options damage if this unit is 1/A AND mission time > 0:00 (screenshot #1)

    2.) Unit 1A>options repare if 1/A is in region 5 (screenshot #2)

    3.) Triggered an event when Unit 1/A is in region 5

    • release of the trigger ist confirmed by reading the trigger message (screenshot #3)






  6. 9 hours ago, Gibsonm said:

    You can do both of these presently. Admittedly there isn't a simple switch for it.

    Hello Gibsonm,

    let me guess. Damage the engine and then  trigger a repairIf? I think a helicopter would drop from the assigned flight ✈️ level and crash 💨 🔥  and I would loose a trigger.


  7. Quote

    Hi Gibsonm,

    Thank you, but I know it is dead. I just have to scroll down to see it. I cannot see the full text without scrolling.

    Hi Gibsonm,

    Thank you, but I know it is dead. I just have to scroll down to see it. I cannot see the full text without scrolling.

    13 hours ago, Ssnake said:

    Were they all from the same platoon, or form different units?

    14 hours ago, Gibsonm said:

    Well depends of the fire control orders.


    Usually vehicles are assigned sectors (in SB terms those purple wedges that extend from waypoints, when they are assigned tactics).


    If in your scenario these overlap or maybe the Red Platoon stumbled on the Blue vehicle while advancing, perhaps?


    Apart from the screenshots, there is no context for the engagement.


    If the question is why did they fire an AGTM instead of perhaps more appropriately the gun, then that's a question of range, etc. (also note that some BMP-3 weapons aren't modelled - I think from memory the ATGM and the main gun but not the coax auto cannon?). I think at 2000m the ATGM envelope is better than the main gun.


    Being unarmed makes no difference - its Blue, therefore a target.


    The only unarmed vehicles that aren't fired upon by the AI are the ambulancesd

    Hi Ssnake and Gibsonm,

    The BMP-3s were are all from the same platoon.

    • but each unit of that platoon had
      • a damaged maingun
      • a damaged coax
      • a damaged mun. bunker
      • only the missile launcher was OK, so they had no choice...
    • I made a simple scenario for gunnery practice. I used a trigger to spawn the platoon and very shortly after spawning the missiles were in the air


    13 hours ago, stormrider_sp said:

    I guess so are humans. If I was one of those 4 bmps and the only thing in sight was an enemy vehicle, I wouldnt care if my company was already shooting at it. With four missiles in the air, who could claim the kill for himself? I'd say its mine. :D

    Hi stormrider,

    like some humans (i.e. me), the AI gunners are triggerhappy too 😉

  8. Like many of you I love sims that have depth and are immersive. A good sims draws me to the terminal like a needle is drawn to a magnet. When I have to go sometime, I’m sure, that I spent too much time simulating the reality then being there. Maybe I will regret it but otherwise I just do what I really enjoy.

    • “…more than three diff…”
      • using yes, mastered to a certain degree only
    • “...how long…”
      • not too long if you already know one or two
    • “...difference between a Retreat…”
      • knew it, forgot it, I have to look it up again
    • “… game among many...”
      • SB is a gem, it is something special as the community is. Steelbeasts.com is a habitat for endangered simmers
    • "...struggling with..." (not struggling, just annotating)
      •  having many CPU cores but only one or two in use
      •  UI. Laminar Research had a legacy UI until X-Plane 11. They are a small developer team too. LR created a beautiful modern and easy to use UI for X-Plane 11 and are extremely successful with it. In this forum I often hear the argument that the military customer does not place importance on things like UI and other eye candy things. Maybe this is true for the current generation of deciders. Could be that future people in authority who grew up with X-Box-, PlayStation- and PC-games will think different
      •  graphics, great improvements are made as the nice things thread shows. I hope I do not come across ungrateful but the insatiable user hoover always wants more 😎. For example indirect illumination💡. If I’m right, SB still uses the DirectX 9 framework. If you permit I will again refer to the Laminar Research team. At one point in time LR hit the wall with their legacy Open GL framework. Inexplicable stutters…, not designed to use multicore CPUs, low framerates and difficult to debug. LR decided to go the Vulcan (Metal) way.
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