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  1. Soft kill techniques

    Hello I read about soft kill techniques like the one in the T-90 but also in more modern new tanks like the south korean K2. It's this technique which turns the turret automatically in the direction from which a laser range shoot comes and automatically throw fog granats. I wonder if it really makes sense. For one, if I'm the gunner in the opponent tank and make a laser range measurement then I already have the distance before the other tanks turret turns around and throw its fog granats. The next thing I do is to fire even so I have to fire into the fog. The other thing is, if this technique works this way every time a laser range shoot is detected I only have to make several laser range measurement and soon the tank is out of fog granats. Or even better, if there are at least two tanks in different positions each one makes a shoot with the laser and the turret will spin forward and backward. Do this several times and you get the crew sea sick. So, does this technique really makes sense? Regards Martin
  2. Leopard unable to kill Russian modern tanks?

    According to an article in Wikipedia about depleted uranium ammunition, tungsten carbide has in general 5-10 % less penetration. This doesn't sound so dramatic.
  3. Leopard unable to kill Russian modern tanks?

    I wonder how it looks the other way round: Can modern russian tanks kill the latest Leopard 2? Somehwere I read that the american Abrams doesn't need the Leopard 2A6 120 mm L55 gun because of the depleted uranium APFSDS ammunition. The penetration power is roughly the same. That would mean if the Leopard 2A6 has a problem so must the Abrams as well. Or is there a new ammunition out for the Abrams?
  4. Leopard 2 A7+

    Taking a good look at pictures of the Leopard 2 A7+ it doesn't look like he has bomblet protection. I guess the only picture who are out are the one of the demonstrator. Anyway, I think it is odd to design a tank for urban environment with a lot of extra protection around and not on the top. Most of the cities have buildings hihger than one floor which makes it easy to shoot at the tank from a high roof right on top of it. Regards Martin
  5. Leopard 2 A7+

    Hello I always thought the new Leopard 2 A7+ has a bomblet protection on top of the turret like the swedish Leopard 2 (Stridsvagn 122) or the spnish (Leopardo). But I'm not so sure anymore. I tried to find some information but couldn't find any. Anybody here who knows more? Regards Martin
  6. Hello I'm using a mouse and the keyboard for controlling the tanks. I have seen a different in mode "Beobachten" between the Leopard 2A4 and A5. While in the A5 I can still using the mouse in the gunner position to aim as well as in the mode "Stab Ein" this is not the case in the A4. The turret doesn't react until i move the mouse to the outer area of the screen and the the turret suddenly turns moves in a relativ fast speed. There's actually no low speed at all which makes it very difficult to aim at targets. It is similiar for the canon. I can use the arrow keys for fine aiming. Is this an implementation of a realistic case, because the A4 has an hydraulic while the A5 an electric system to move the turret, or something missed in the software? By the way: In the emergency mode of the A5 the turret is still moved by the mouse and the arrow keys don't work at all, despite what is written in the tutorial. Best regards Martin
  7. Leopard 2E and DM12 MZ-ammunition

    So, it is a realistic case that the Leopardo don't have the ballistic data for the DM12 and not a software bug? Regards Martin
  8. Leopard 2E and DM12 MZ-ammunition

    OK. Thank you. About the manual. Haven't any about the Leopard 2E. Maybe I can find it as a download on webside? Regards Martin
  9. Hello I designed a scenario where I use the spanish Leo 2E but using german ammunition, the DM53 (APFSDT) and DM12 (MZ). The interesting observation was that I can't get a proper hit with the DM12 ammuniton. It seems that the DM12 shoot's about twice the the actual range. The ammunition works with the other Leo 2. Did I missed something? Normally the spanish Leopard 2 should be able to shoot the DM12. Best regards Martin
  10. Leopard 1A5 Manual range entry

    Hello How can you set the range manually if the laser doesn't work? According to the tutorial there should be a switch located in the upper left corner of the GPS (according to the german translation this switch should be in the lower left corner). Well, looking through the GPS I can't find any switch of whatsoever. In the interior view there are some switch but not is related to the range entry. Thankful for any help Martin