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  1. TGIF playing tonight? EDIT. ok reading is hard sometimes. I'll be on tonight if there is room. Looking forward to it.
  2. So I thought I would try streaming some of my missions for a) try to spread the word how awesome SB is and b) playing offline, its just good to talk through the mission and get feedback from other players. I'm using OBS to stream it out to twitch, but its not capturing the in-game audio. It is catching my mindless blabber though. The sounds is what makes SB awesome so I'm def feel like i need the in-game sounds captured. Anyone know how I can fix that? Also, it seems as though the resolution isn't right. The stream isn't getting my entire screen. The link will be below. Any feedback would be g
  3. Where needed pls. Relatively new. Played the TGIF last night. I have TS teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 loaded. If that changed let me know. I've loaded the map pack per the post. I'm tracking 1400 East Coast USA as kickoff time. If additional information is required, pls let me know.
  4. Does the community have a preference on which FX they use for radio clicks or any plugins? Just wondered what most ppl here used.
  5. Again, thanks for the great conversation. I'll definitely check out those scenarios.
  6. Here is what my vision would be, perfect world: A virtual unit wants, as part of their training, conduct crew level gunnery twice per year. A range, developed with gunnery targets would be created to a certain standard. Regular gunner engagements, a manual engagement, commander's engagement, offensive, defensive under various conditions and target arrays. A crew would occupy battle position 1 (BP1), and a "tower" operator would tell them to go to the fire net i.e. a different channel on TeamSpeak. They would then change their TS to voice activated to simulate a jump net. Crew evalu
  7. I played SB years ago and just now coming back. I currently have a 30 day timed license but will purchase the full license at the end of it. The updates and additional content is really impressive since I last played. I was a Bradley guy for 21 years so I have mech in my blood. I'm looking forward to joining in on some multiplayer sessions as well. I'm currently going through the tutorials and having a blast.
  8. Thank you everyone for the constructive responses. I def see everyone's point about the value of having a "real" vehicle modeled in your gunnery tables.
  9. Has the question been posed to put gunnery target assets into the simulation? Right now as I've seen so far, you can put in the actual vehicle model. Does the upgrade roadmap include gunnery range targets? I have the dimensions. Having hard targets on lifters and E type troop targets that I could raise with a trigger would be epic for virtual units to conduct a standard gunnery. If you need any type of information i.e dimensions, types, lifters, movers, target arrays, etc. I would love to help out with any type of project like that. Here is the manual (unclassified) I found with an
  10. Big shout out to Ssnake and the team. Got my license and up and running! Thanks again for all your support!
  11. Ssnake, I emailed sales about this very issue. I did provide a gmail account as a secondary in my email to them. Is there anyway they can fire off my second email (license URL) to that gmail account. Thank you for looking into this.
  12. This is the 11th ACR. The OPFOR unit at NTC 11th ACR NTC OPFOR
  13. Not sure about the particular individual upgrades the to the ODS (meaning upgrades to the current ODS), but it doesn't take long to see the diff between a ODS and an SA. Take a peek at the front of the vehicle. Look for a birdhouse shaped object on the SA, near the front of the vehicle. Wont be on the standard ODS.
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