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  1. Thx for explaining. I learned something new :bigsmile: is there a way to squeeze some more performance out of this setup? For example 16 bit textures or so? all other settings inside SB didnt make much of an improvement.....
  2. Can it also explain why other games\sims did have an improvement? For example, my most played sim, falcon bms runs quite smooth with this card, while with the 560, i needed to turn most shaders off, for smooth flight
  3. Thx for your answer Dunc. That explains it quite clearly. So, in other words, my feeling was right about the slower performance?
  4. Yes i do have it. Old card: - Asus gtx560 directcu 1 gb ddr5 ~900 mhz clock speed New card: -Asus gtx750ti strix version 2 gb ddr5 ~1350 mhz clock speed Strix version means, it's factory OC'ed On paper, it should make a big difference
  5. OK, i ran the diag thingy and sent it by mail
  6. im sorry, my english is not that great. I meant to say, the gtx 750 ti shows up in the Nvidia panel and device manager
  7. Hello Ssnake, Yes, they both show up, as a gtx 750 ti. I did buy it in a computer shop, not from the internet, if thats what you are referring too.
  8. Hello guys, im having a somewhat strange problem with SB Pro. I recently bought a gtx 750 TI (former card was a gtx 560) and my fps with this card is lower than my old one. On most maps, i feel like my system is barely reaching 30 fps. I did remove and reinstalled the latest Nvidia drivers, played around with config settings in Nvidia profiler and also turned off every eye-candy ingame. None of these made a real difference. I also reinstalled SB Pro version 3.027 and deleted the config file and also these changes had no effect. Also made sure my card is not running on adaptive power management. Im kinda on a dead end now, or maybe im missing something here... Im running the 64 bit exe of SB pro. System specs: - Win 7 64-bit with SP1 - Asus p8h61 MoBo - 8 Gb DDR3 1300 mHz - Intell i5 2500 3,3 GHz (quad core) - GTX 750TI (Strixs version) (2 GB) - 2x Hitachi 500 Gb Sata HD - Nexus 600W power supply
  9. Im too busy playing the sim, then to be typing :luxhello:
  10. thx for clearing that up! You'll learn something new everyday :bigsmile:
  11. I read somewhere in the tutorials, that you always needed to use the palm-switch if your own vehicle (Leo) was moving when engaging targets? From the manual : "Once either you or the targets start moving, LEAD will probably have to be added to the gun to ensure that the round hits the target. Lead is added to compensate for the distance the target (or your tank) moves while the round is in the air. " And: "-If the target is moving, you must hold down the DYNAMIC LEAD button. In this case, the (nearly) instantaneous angular velocity of the turret is also used in the lead calculation. Dynamic lead is cancelled as soon as you release the dynamic lead button." "-If the target is stationary and your tank is moving, you also have to hold down the DYNAMIC LEAD button. In this case the (nearly) instantaneous angular velocity of the turret is also used in the lead calculation. The ballistic computer can not calculate how much closer/further away from the target, you are getting during the engagement, so remember to lase at frequent intervals." Now i'm confused :confused:
  12. Hello Sean, your suggestion did the trick. Steel Beasts is working now! I think Norton was indeed the problem. Thx a lot and happy tanking! Regards, Falconeer
  13. You mean a re-download? I reinstalled it 3 times now.... Regards, Falconeer
  14. Hello Retro, i just checked and the files are missing:( There is a m1 folder (which is empty too), fireballTIS.dds, missileTIS.dds, muzzleflashTIS.dds, ulanIntSrc1.bmp and xPlode1TIS.dds The above is all there is in the image folder. Regards, Falconeer
  15. That's a good suggestion... I can't remember, but it's not a big deal to try that one Will let you know edit: That didn't work, still got the same errors and doesn't start...
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